Agree or Disagree: Political Correctness is one of the biggest reasons why the WWE is ruined?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. Back in the days in 1996-2006, there would be a lot of over-the-edge things such as a few edgy jokes that would be deemed unacceptable in society, a lot of wrestlers would fight dirty, male wrestlers would not hesitate to attack female wrestlers.

    Nowadays in this very politically correct era, you'll never see male wrestler(for example, Triple H pedigreeing one of the Bella Twins for Stephanie) due to the fear of being accused of promoting male-on-female violence, you'll hardly ever see wrestlers fighting dirty(eye strikes, low blows, etc.) because it supposedly teaches children to do such unacceptable things(at least by social viewpoint), you'll never see more matches where wrestlers would sell their wrestling moves good enough to look realistic. and so on.

    There's nothing I hate more in this world than political correctness or politicians shoving down what they believe is right and wrong down our throats.
  2. Couldn't agree more. it would be a great day indeed if the WWE sticks the middle finger to Political Correctness and PG.
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  3. I think this plays a very small role in why the WWE sucks. You can have a great show without cursing or male on female violence or anything else Attitude Era marks clamor for.
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  4. WWE sucks because it is hardly more entertaining than a Spanish soap opera.
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    Among the many issues i have with the WWE product, political correctness kills an industry like theirs. The whole point of the show is to feel happy, sad, mad, glad, emotional, should encompass all of it. But, right when you slap PG and political correctness sticker on a wrestling industry; well, it's simply not as effective as it once was. This is an industry that is supposed to offend and piss you off now and then. That's the whole point of a heel.
  6. No. See: NXT
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  7. you can still make a meal with one arm....but, it's a lot easier when you have both. In other words, you can have a good product with PG and political correctness, it simply makes it more difficult, however. There's more options without political correctness.
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  8. Well, besides man beating women and cursing is there really much else? It is an added bonus, it can add some more drama, yes, but it's not as big a factor as it's made up to be.
  9. I respect your opinion, i just disagree. There's more to it than just hitting woman and cursing. I guess until we are both on some sort of wrestling creative team and I'm allowed to be rated R and you have to stick with PG....we'll never know. lol
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  10. Nope. It's bad because the writing is bad.
    And a writer who has to resort to "edgy" and "non PC" stuff to get a reaction is not that good a writer to begin with.
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  11. ^Like Russo in WCW
  12. I agree that that the awful writing and booking decisions are a much biggest detriment to the product than the specific rating of the show, but Political Correctness is a problem that goes beyond PG vs TV-14. There were 'edgy' angles (if you wish to call them that) that happened in the 80's and the early 90's when the show was PG, but even most of those would not be allowed in today's current climate. Plus, both the PG and TV-14 ratings would easily be negatively affected by society being way too PC these days.

    Lana makes reference to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 incident and WWE have to pretend like she was referencing something else in order to avoid backlash. Big Show desecrates the Russian flag during his feud with Rusev and they have to apologize. Lesnar blades (and not even in an overly bloody manner), and they have to apologize and then pretend it was either accidental or done without their prior knowledge. John Cena insults The Rock's manhood back in 2012 and WWE have to apologize to GLADD over it since they for some reason construed it as 'homophobic'. Daniel Bryan got fired briefly in 2010 for choking Justin Roberts because apparently choking someone is this big evil line you can't cross in wrestling compared to everything else that goes on. Etc., etc. These are just a few examples.

    So while I wouldn't say it has "ruined' WWE, it definitely is a hindrance in ways.
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  13. Very true. Points well noted here. Politically correct just goes to far. Ruins the product in the long run.
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  14. Errr... goddamn typos! (There's a typo in the post I made and now it's too late to go back and edit it. I hate that.)
  15. Spot hit the nail on the head.
  16. I'll hit you right on the head.
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  17. Absolutely. That was very similar to what was in my mind.

    There's plenty of good wrestling out there that doesn't deliberately spit in the face of political correctness.

    Even before WWE started moving towards the PG orientation, the product had begun to suffer. The pre PG era gave us Lita being forced to marry Kane and Snitski causing her to have a miscarriage and we ended up with Snitski sucking Mae Young's foot at Wrestlemania 22. The Attitude Era gave us Mae giving birth to a hand. The Invasion gave us Steve Austin as a crybaby when he thought Kurt Angle waa going to kill him.

    Point being that sucky writing existed back then too.
  18. I actually enjoyed the whole Kane/Snitsky/Lita angle myself.
  19. When reading the OP, the main thing that came to mind was when ADR was bitching about "getting backstage heat" over him going to a kid in the front row and ripping up a Ziggler sign. WWE got upset because he was "hurting the experience for the kids in the crowd" but really, that's how lifelong fans are made. That kid must have smiled so big at Ziggler punching this ass in the face over that sign.

    See also: the babyfaces being told backstage to "smile and no-sell losses".

    You don't need to result to Attitude Era BS (although a LITTLE bit of that every now and then is fine) but when you're getting in the way of what makes pro wrestling work just to be "politically correct" then it's a problem
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