Forum Game Agree or Disagree with the opinion above.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Redboy123@, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. The user above will express an opinion and you have to agree or disagree, then you say a new opinion of the next person to judge. Does not have to be wrestling related.

    I'll start...

    Ambrose is the best member of the shield
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  2. Disagree...(Rollins FTW!)

    There hasn't been a decent Star Wars film since 1980.
  3. Disagree. never has been a decent Star Wars

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  4. Agree Avengers is overrated

    Broken Matt >>>>>>>>>>>>> Woken Matt
  5. Agreed

    Nikki Bella is better than Brie
  6. First off, what a GREAT idea for a thread.


    Garfield > Heathcliff
  7. Agree... that is like comparing apples with gold plated apples. lol

    Cats are better than dogs :tough:
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  8. Respectfully disagree except for my cousin's cats in Puerto Rico. Fallout 3 >>> Falout 4
  9. agree

    Batman is the best fictional superhero
  10. Agree

    The Superkick has been done to death now and while it is a good move, it's just become normal move.
  11. Agree.

    Dogs should be allowed to vote
  12. disagree

    Malcolm In The Middle is the best live action American sitcom.
  13. No, there have been others, as well made or better. Malcom in the Middle was one of the most inventive, but other sitcoms have continued the trend and have taken it to new depths.
  14. You have to provide another opinion for the next person to agree or disagree with.
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  15. Okay, let's see...

    In my opinion, Rhonda Rousey became women's champion way too early. She just got to wwe and hadn't strived long enough to become a no. 1 contender.
  16. Disagree you are 100% right BUT Ronda draws. TNA is racist but at least they try to push minorities. Minus Okada yeesh :russo::bischoff::hogan:
  17. Natalya shouldn´t have kids with TJ because her family´s big enough to offer livestock for the next generation the world over.
  18. Disagree heavily.

    South Park>family guy
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  19. Agree - Family Guy hasn't been good in years. South Park can at least bounce back from a bad season.

    Cold pie is better than warm pie. (the dessert kind)
  20. Cold pie is gross bro it is gross you eat that and catch hepatitis c. Redheaded women are evil except naybe Becky Lynch ayo ma!