Agree or Disagree with the opinion above.

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  1. The user above will express an opinion and you have to agree or disagree, then you say a new opinion of the next person to judge. Does not have to be wrestling related.

    I'll start...

    Ambrose is the best member of the shield
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  2. Disagree...(Rollins FTW!)

    There hasn't been a decent Star Wars film since 1980.
  3. Disagree. never has been a decent Star Wars

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  4. Agree Avengers is overrated

    Broken Matt >>>>>>>>>>>>> Woken Matt
  5. Agreed

    Nikki Bella is better than Brie
  6. First off, what a GREAT idea for a thread.


    Garfield > Heathcliff
  7. Agree... that is like comparing apples with gold plated apples. lol

    Cats are better than dogs :tough:
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  8. Respectfully disagree except for my cousin's cats in Puerto Rico. Fallout 3 >>> Falout 4
  9. agree

    Batman is the best fictional superhero
  10. Agree

    The Superkick has been done to death now and while it is a good move, it's just become normal move.
  11. Agree.

    Dogs should be allowed to vote
  12. disagree

    Malcolm In The Middle is the best live action American sitcom.