Ah what could have been...

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  1. According to the comments this was close to their Summerslam 1994 cage match, anyway onto the purpose for you old fags.

    Would Owen have been a good choice to have picked up the title here?

    How would you have booked their Summerslam match if so?

    How long would Owen have held the title?
  2. To me the best time for Owen to have won the title was after SS 97. With all that happened he would've made the perfect underdog hero. He could've beat Shawn in December, then lost it to him a month before WM. there was too much talent at the time to keep the belt on him for too long.
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  3. I agree with Senhor Perfect, Owen got a huge reaction when he attacked Michaels at the DX PPV in December of 1997. For those who don't remember or didn't watch, he disappeared after the screw job at Survivor Series 1997 and then reappeared by jumping Michaels for revenge. The original plans was for Owen and Michaels to have a world title match at the Royal Rumble the following month but since Michaels refused to put Owen over, we got the casket match instead (which I prefer anyway since the burning casket bit was awesome.) I personally wouldn't put the belt on Owen, but I'd do a dusty finish with Owen winning the title only to restart the match in some bullshit way and have Michaels retain it then.

    To answer the original post though, no, Bret retaining the belt then was the right thing. Unless you'd rather have it be Owen getting jack knifed in eight seconds than Bob Backlund.
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  4. Well... :okay:

    No, but seriously. I'm not really sure, I would've enjoyed Owen winning the belt since looking back I think he deserved at least one run due to his talent, but we would not have had the heel Backlund storyline, so... yeah.
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