Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. This. No cash in, so im waiting for my picture, for EVERYONE HERE TO SEE. :win:
  2. This is going to be amazing.
  3. @[M.V.P]
  4. Why don't I see a picture yet? @[M.V.P]
  5. Yeah @[M.V.P]
  6. :haha: crayo do predictions cup, and by then MVP should be back with the pic.
  7. Hoss' thread, he counts it all.
  8. STILL no picture? @[M.V.P]


    @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P]
  9. @[THEAidsJohnson] @[Crayo] @[leojay] @Whoever the fuck else.

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  10. You legend. Rep.
  11. NVM can't rep you for a day or something.
  12. glorious :yay:

    @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P] @[M.V.P]
  13. You champion. Most people wouldn't have done this. Ill keep the avatar for only a few months, i promise.
  14. Hahaha MVP getting owned!
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  15. Hey, a bet is a bet... Kind of like a dare in a way.. You don't back down from it unless it's illegal or insane. :obama:
  16. Hahahahahahahahahaha this is fucking awesome.
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