Aids sent this to me from the grave

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Enjoy you wannabe Ziggler marks
  2. The last min or so are we supposed to just stare at a blank screen and reflect on what we just seen?
  3. Yea it takes a few moments to take in the greatness. If you try to quickly transition from that montage to other activities the results can be dangerous, if not deadly.
  4. Ziggler made Khali look good so there's no doubt that he is the best seller in the WWE
  5. :youdontsay:
  6. LOL i thought so
  7. Always nice to see Ziggler selling, he's the best in that category.
  8. Indeed, you really have to digest the selling first before doing something else. :true:

    Awesome montage.. DEM MONKEY FLIPS! :gusta:
    Loved it, Zig's is the man.

    Best mofo'in seller in WWE, period.
  9. Indeed, Ziggler selling the monkey flip is awesome.
  10. I was thinking of posting this for him.
    Anyway. Oversell, oversell everywhere.
  11. Oversells are the most underrated thing in wrestling.
  12. HBK vs Hogan was one of them. Hulk was so, so strong in that match..
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