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    So, Big E's reasoning for aligning himself with AJ is because he has a crush on her? :dafuq: :eww:

    Major diss on the last one, though. Doubt their alignment, friendship or whatever they have, will last very long at this rate.
  2. Man I love this alignment right now. Ziggler, Aj, and Big E are a great team. I feel like Dolph Ziggler can cash in ..in peace now
  3. Oh, hello! I see you signed up today! Welcome! :smug:

    And I like Dolph Ziggler too, but the alignment in my opinion is just really awkward, haha. Dolph has proven he can handle things by himself and I just wish he could just be by himself for awhile. :urm:

    AJ use to be really good at wrestling, she had all these cool submissions, and I wish she would just go back to that, honestly. This "whore" gimmick is getting old and annoying really, really fast.
  4. Big E's gonna lurk #StalkerMode
  5. Stop making him more creepy, damnit! :why:
  6. He's also listening to Every breath you take by the Police.
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  7. It's just another group tying Dolph down in my opinion. Big E has also been wasted, AJ's whore gimmick literally ruins everything it touches, like herpes.
  8. True. Big E could have been a serious contender for titles. Now he's just a beefier Virgil.
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  10. They should both drive off a cliff
  11. :true:
  12. I disagree with bringing up Big E to the main roster now, but these friendzone/stalker remarks did make me laugh. :lol1:

    Inb4 storyline ends with Ziggler turning face when AJ cheats on him with Big E or some crap
  13. This could work. Think about it. He has a crush on her, and in the end with AJ being a heel, she tells him where to go which results in him breaking away and turning face.
  14. This is horrible, but because of that WWE will probably use it. From what I have seen of Langston, he's not the "I'm vulnerable because I'm in love" type of guy.
  15. Hey! I see you just signed up! Welcome! Should make a Welcome Thread so everyone can welcome you properly! If you want, that is.

    But yeah, I agree with you. Doesn't come off as the lovey-dovey type. :urm:
  16. I have, lol. Thanks though.
  17. Ah! Sorry! Lol, trying to keep up with all of these threads. :urm:
  18. :eww: This will probably happen.
  19. I bet before tweeting that Big E said "Oh, I've got the keyboard now!" Now if AJ hooks up with Langston we can say that she is both bisexual and is in to incest. Way to represent New Jersey.

    This whole AJ romance stuff needs to end and she needs to be put in that dying division that is the divas division, her popularity alone will put some interest back in the division.
  20. Still better than the Jersey Shore people.
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