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Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. AJ continues to suck whoever off backstage as she kept the divas title from that fatal four way match she is so overrated and she should of lost that title last night. My god just get Paige on the main roster and get her to destroy that slut midget and take the divas title off her Paige is so much better than AJ and Paige backs it up in the ring with her actions she doesnt live off a sob story like AJ does with her poor growing up background. Fuck you AJ
  2. Does anyone know where I could find a heated jacket?
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  3. Just a took a huge dump while swimming in the pool with my nanny.
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  4. How about you and deathclaw4721 discuss this? tripinthehead OUT!
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  5. 1 more day till GTA 5! WOOOOOOOT! Anyone else hyped?
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  6. I have a large one yes Testify
  7. http://pwinsider.com/article/80314/three-wwe-releases-today-including-son-of-hall-of-famer.html?p=1

    WWE out of builness in one year!
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  8. So AJ sucks to keep the title despite having more talent in her little finger than Kelly Kelly. But you refuse to believe KK ever sucked someone off?
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    Shhhh, just stop replying to her and maybe she'll go away. :urm:

    All logic is abandoned when BLFFL makes a thread. Because, you know, this picture is WAY MORE ACCEPTABLE than this picture, regardless of what each woman was doing at the time.

    BrockLesnarFanForLife, read this article written by JBL himself about AJ Lee and all these responses he gets about AJ. Maybe you'll learn something, but knowing you, you probably won't and will probably accuse AJ for sucking off JBL as well.

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  10. OH HELL NO. Paige is the only diva with talent ever!

    Yes, it's me with another :pipebomb:
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  11. LOL at the fact that you think KK is better than AJ. AJ is a damn good wrestler, one of the best women I have ever seen wrestle. :pity:
    Also AJ > Paige. Hate to break it to you. If she was as good as AJ or BETTER, she would be on the main roster already.
  12. There's the age thing in effect there.
  13. :hmm: What?
  14. Some shit about K2 being a superhoe so they daren't put under 21s on the main roster. Paige only recently turned 21.
  15. LOL Way to go KK. :haha:
    Either way, she is now 21, so we will see what happens. Still though, AJ is a damn good wrestler.
  16. In times past, talent under the age of 21 has turned out to be quite the hassle for the WWE. Kelly Kelly getting too drunk and being promiscuous is a good example. Randy Orton another. Add to it that talent under 21 cannot rent cars or get hotel rooms at good prices in some states and it was also a organizational hassle. So a verbal rule was passed that main roster talent had to be 21 and above.
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  17. :obama:
  18. Honestly, both AJ AND Paige are overrated to me. They're just not as good as SOME people make them out to be. AJ isn't the savior of the Divas division and neither is Paige. Like I've said multiple times before, saving the Divas division has to be a collective notion. MEANING, everyone has to SUCK LESS. (That was intended to go both ways.)

    What they need to do on the main roster is to get better at dividing spotlight attention. On NXT, they do that wonderfully. They don't overuse Paige, the very first NXT Women's Champ, like the do with AJ on the main roster. AJ is everywhere, AJ is everything and you can't really blame too many people for being really into her because she's the ONLY main roster diva who really does anything currently and she's the only one who's even midly interesting, despite how good the rest of the division's skills are (Ex: Nattie). I would honestly love to like AJ more. I really like the concept of her gimmick. She's just poorly excecuted.

    At this point, like in a BLFFL thread, I just abadon all logic when on topic of the divas division. Nothing makes sense to me, at all. Usually posting about a subject on here more helps me understand more about the subject, but this time around I just don't understand anything no matter how much I've talked about it. Might just be me and "not having a business mind" I guess.
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