AJ dressed up as Kane LOL

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  1. AJ dressed up as Kane lol omg that was so funny. Who else marked out at that???. I am loving this AJ thing keep it going WWE
  2. To be honest I lol'd more than I thought I would. AJ is on fire atm.
  3. She must have been scarred by Kane's 3 foot member. But I thought it was random as the hell, the way she's trolling him, she's fucking crazy.

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  4. It was so funny however she did make Kane and Daniel Bryan lose in the tag team match. However, I bet CM Punk wasn't happy.
  5. whats creepy is her skipping around pretending it makes her crazy instead of brain damaged (kane)
  6. AJ is currently entertaining. :laugh:
  7. I still think it's messd up the way she's playing Kane..Kane should just send her to hell and find a nice woman. Like Kell Kelly
  8. It would be alright, but WWE wont let men touch women, so she will screw him over and writers will put Kane elsewhere, as if it never happened. Now if he double chokeslammed her and punk for being skeezy, i would mark.
  9. The good ole days when Kane didn't take shit from anybody
  10. So Kane will have a storyline with AJ, cool, I want to see where it goes. What about DB? :downer:
  11. [​IMG]
  12. i loled just more than i though i would
  13. :upset:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. OK man. Stupid WWE, misbooking people. :downer:
  16. Seeing that clip makes me miss Paul Bearer.
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