Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. I know, another AJ thread, but hear me out. Does anyone else think they're using AJ to bring in a more female demographic?

    First, she became involved and rejected by 3 men. This might make women sympathize and feel sorry for her. Second, she starts dating the most popular guy (Cena). This might cause women to start to feel jealous of her cause she is with the guy they want (judging by the most female cheers he receives). Finally, he dumps her for being a bit off, and she takes revenge by attacking him.

    This IMO could split women two ways.

    1. They are with her 100% and think Cena deserves what he gets.
    2. They hate her guts for hurting the guy they love.

    Keep in mind this is all a generalization, I know not ALL women are like this. However, from what I've seen in my life, girls are either best friends or hate each other profoundly.

    In conclusion, by making AJ this polarizing figure for women, it gives them a person to love or hate, depending on their part experiences. So perhaps we're getting so much AJ because WWE wants a lot more female viewers.
  2. '' Does anyone else think they're using AJ to bring in a more female demographic?'' Obviously, dude.
  3. Yeah that's what AJ is for at the minute and purely that.
  4. For the ladies in the forum, did any of that junk change the way you felt about AJ?
  5. I dunno bout that but on ur original post it has kept my gf interested in the WWE at the min as she has lost interest in Punk/Ryback and doesn't know who Shield are yet so isn't to bothered bout that. So for her it's AJ keeping her interested at the min.
  6. Every time AJ gets on the mic, Daniel Bryan should come out and tell her to shut up.

    That little phrase was getting over/heat too. (1:30)

  7. Yeah, they're probably using her for that.
  8. That's definitely a big generalization.

    Personally, I really could give two shits about what she's doing so I guess it goes without saying I don't love nor hate her exactly, though I do get thoroughly annoyed by her and her execution of "being crazy", but that's a whole nother thing.

    She's definitely someone the female demographic can have a solid opinion on. I do agree that the fanbase of AJ really is split two ways, but not in the ways you listed because there really isn't that many fangirls of Cena, in IWC anyway.

    It is split like this:

    1. They love the absolute fuck out her because she's gorgeous, sexy, pretty, and a real girl-next-door character than many can relate to. Especially now with her whole falling in love too quick/wearing your heart on your sleeve type thing I've mentioned before. She's also living out all the fangirls' dreams by kissing and being with all the Superstars; all the CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler fangirls wish they were AJ at that point in time when she was with them.

    (I guess that's why I genuinely enjoyed her and Punk together. :urm:)

    2. They hate her because she's a total whore who goes around causing all this unnecessary drama that nobody wants to watch and is a pretty bad representation of women, like most of the current Divas who are more T&A than anything else.

    I actually partake in both halves because both halves are quite true no matter your opinion of her, but everyone has their own reasons, I s'pose.
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