AJ Lee "blacked out and had a fit" at Live Event?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. [​IMG] Could be true, Could be someone trying to make a joke, no pics or reports on it, will update with more news but it seems legit as no one would make that up tbh.
  2. Thats scary if true. Have a girl at work who has epilepsy an its brown trousers time at points when it happens if its a bad one. Hope she's ok.
  3. The person who announced the news on twitter said she left the event as it was too much to take. If this is true (im saying this only due to no evidence at this time) it could be very serious, She also noted that AJ just completely fainted.
  4. Twitter is a great source
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  5. As I said, Not sure on specifics or if its even true yet.
  6. lol, could have been deathclaw.
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  7. "Several fans who were at the show tweeted the she collapsed at ringside during the match, which was eventually called off. WWE officials immediately came to her aid and she was helped to the back."

    I'd trust several people saying she collapsed and was helped to the back over 1 person who was "so distraught that she had a fit she had to leave" - jesus, is that girl 10 or something
  8. That last one got me
  9. Maybe some people didn't go into detail? Maybe some people didn't see the fit? How do you know that the report of "several fans" that tweeted was bullshit made for the report? We don't know at this moment and time.
  10. Seems like a lot of different reports of what happened depending on where you read it from.
  11. Got to make you wonder if AJ is preggers fainting can cause that and you know her and Punk have probably shagged loads. I hope shes ok
  12. Whats with ur Punk and AJ obsession?
  13. She fainted for attention. You know it, and yours truly knows it as well. :jericho:C'mon now AJ..c'mon.
  14. Jealousy. Plain and simple. He's jealous he ain't livin' in the spot light, jealous he ain't living the good life, like your truly does all day every day. Hustle Loyalty Hoff :jericho::jericho:
  15. Please die.
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  16. The Hoff's on it. Watch your back Lesnarfan:ksi:
  17. I dont have an obsession with them. Im just saying fainting can lead to pregnancy she could be for all she knows. Since her and Punk have been travelling together alot I bet they dont always have protection with them. I bet hes worried right now
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