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  1. Okay guys , we have our beloved KK , Eve and i thought it would be fineto have an AJ thread.
    I know AJ has too much time on TV but lets face it, she's the future of the divas divison (with paige) IF the divas division doesnt dissapear in the next years .Oh and please , not kayfabe stuff (aj is a slut ...etc ) Oh, sure. In her storylines with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Cena, A.J. got tons of airtime over the past 12 months (far more than any other woman on the roster, in fact). But WWE didn't appear to know what to do with her, and the result was one of the most complicated and difficult-to-figure-out female characters in wrestling history.
    Haters please STFU if u wanna post something POST IT BUT explain why u post it ..... as Crayo would say , write HQ posts , things that are good for the debate and allow us to discuss thats all .
  2. MAN , for a moment I wished I were a big red monster machine who wears a mask 365 days a year...:fap:
  3. Lol Kane doesn't use his hands I would :upset:
  4. I would use more than just my hands :woo1:
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  5. :otunga::dawg::maybe:
  6. I used to like AJ until she ruined all the storylines. She has wayyy too much TV time and after this whole Dolph thing I can only hope that she goes to the divas division where she belongs. I was beginning to think Dolph would finally be without a manager and he just gets stuck with another manager. :sad1:
    She's also not all that in the ring, she has some ability, but not to the level of becoming Divas Champ. The same could be said for Kaitlyn.
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  7. With you on everything except that AJ > Kaitlyn, in all aspects.
  8. AJ is very talented. She loves the business and that's great, also very good in the ring. I remember watching some match of hers at NXT long ago and thinking "man, that's better than most of the stuff on the main divas roster", she should be in the ring more often. She also has good mic skills, at least when compared to most of the other divas. I dislike the amount of TV time she has gotten over this year, and I dislike the way she's been used in storylines. Drama crap all year long, screwing up matches like Punk/Bryan... don't have to get into detail about that. But I'll give them credit for one thing, they have gotten AJ more over and popular than all of the other girls, no question about that. Therefore, I'll just hope that after this angle with Dolph she'll become a regular Diva and carry over her popularity and attention towards the division.
  9. Closed. We don't need more long threads about one wrestler.
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