AJ Lee Doing Good Causes, & had surgery... apparently

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. AJ's Collection

    I like to see former wrestlers doing good with their time and money, specially for animals. I thought I would share this. She talks about recovering from surgery this past February and wanting to do something with her time instead of pitying herself.
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  2. That's nice to hear.
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  3. Was hoping for breast implants :okay:
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  4. That would be cool, but AJ is fucking hot without needing anything. That crazy image gets me going.... Watching her grind would be amazing. Punk is a lucky fuck.
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  5. She's ight
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  6. Thank God, now this troll can stay the hell away from the wrestling business.

    Hopefully we never see her ugly face ever again. One of the ugliest and most unappealing divas they ever had.

    Anyone who thinks that troll is attractive clearly never got any pussy in their life.
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  7. I've had more than you... And she's hot