AJ Lee elbow injury

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. AJ Lee dealing with Injury

    WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee has been dealing with an elbow injury since mid-September

    ^^^ I follow a group on facebook called the spotlight and they have reported this. She has been wearing extra padding on her elbow so its obviously legit
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    Seriously though, that sucks for her I guess.
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  3. Well, it's clear that she's been nursing an injury due to the brace on her arm. However she's been competing despite the injury as a champion should be.
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  4. It's a thread discussing an injury, there is nothing inflammatory or anything.
  5. Good, an actual reply. Try to be serious here.

    Now that I have hope that they're are still some people who will give actual thoughts on this thread, here's mine:
    Does she have an injury??? Sure. But AJ doesn't let ANYTHING get in her way, and an elbow injury isn't going to slow her down one bit.
  6. I sense a disturbance in the editing of this thread
  7. Edited posts about handjobs, they were irrelevant even for this place.
  8. Thank you for fixing that. It's good to see that the report button works for me too........
  9. Didn't even see your reports dawg, saw this thread and saw it was retarded.
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  10. Well hopefully this means we'll see the belt on Brie ;D and then we'll see Brie VS Natty. You know the WWE wants Bryan and Brie with Titles.
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  11. Will never happen. AJ is keeping HER title for a LONG time.
  12. No, She will drop it in a matter of months, I wouldn't be surprised to see her drop the title by 2014

  13. Well if she's injured for awhile, it means she can get a break from being the "Crazy Slut" and come back fresh with a better gimmick.
  14. Understood
  15. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Get that strap on Kaitlyn. I want Kaitlyn and her hot thick ass to start spearing broads like it's July 2013.
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  16. I didn't notice she was injured, but to be honest I don't pay attention to her matches.

    They start, she does a crazy look, screams, the end.
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  17. Now this is an Idea I can get behind!
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  18. Nice edit Seabs

    I love the previous-edits feature.
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  19. Yessssirrrr.

    I would enjoy it more if she was naked and makin' her booty cheeks clap together for the camera, but I'll settle for a long title run of spear destruction.

  20. We can only dream, but having a WOMAN, in the ring is better than having skinny little girls fighting each other. Kaitlyn vs Natty for the Diva's championship would be a real Womans match.
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