AJ Lee Had Backstage Fight With Michelle Beadle At Tribute Of The Troops.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by THG?, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. Source: Wrestling Observer Radio
    Dunno if true or not, since it's Meltzer reporting, but AJ does seem a bit of a dick IRL, so idk. You guys think there's any credibility to this?
  2. Wow Natalya being the Divas champion....gonna be weird
  3. Great.....now Natalya will be the divas champion.

    The reign of boredom begins.
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  4. Beadle is a huge wrestling mark so I can easily see this being an angle.

    Beadle + Superstar vs AJ + Punk at Mania

    I can sense it coming.
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  5. There is no way Punk is going to be in some crappy mixed gender tag match at mania.
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  6. Oh yea?
  7. :yes:
  8. WWE loves to do these matches where they bring in random female 'celebs' to do a random match. Beadle is pretty well known to sports fans and she is pretty good looking, so I could see WWE trying to build her into a match that is supposed to be important (though the fans wouldn't give a fuck)

    Punk being included was half in jest, but would you really put it past WWE?
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  9. Punk is one of their top faces and is already starting to get knee-deep into it with the Authority. No way is he being thrown into a random inter-gender tag team match at Wrestlemania, especially as it would mean he'd likely be required to turn heel if he's teaming with AJ.
  10. Shame on you for taking my post seriously when I'm just trying to wind up Punk marks. You're better than this
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  11. I don't know if you are calling me a punk mark, but, sir, I am not a Punk mark. I can barely stand him.
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  12. high five
  13. who let dad into the argument?
    pre-show match, book it. Also, Natty! Boring or better looking? i'll take the option that gets Kidd on my screen. Who honestly enjoys AJ skipping around like a 10 year old one minute, before pretending she is > Natty the next. dungeon mafk's.
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  14. Maybe Punk will get McIntyre'd for associating himself with AJ. WWE would be a better place if those two just self destruct and go away
  15. I thought AJ already was champion.....
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  16. Yeah, as opposed to all the other much more reliable dirtsheet reporters.
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  17. show up. fail at quoting. leave.
  18. still in the thread, have not left yet.
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  19. Beadle is hot
  20. Beadle > AJ
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