AJ Lee- love or hate?

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  1. Love her <3

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  2. Go the fuck away

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  1. I need a majority opinion on her. Should she continue to ruin storylines or go the fuck away?
  2. Stick to the Diva's Division aka what division?
  3. Sounds like a go the fuck away vote.
  4. Yeah, voted for that. lol.
  5. As a wrestler: Stay
    As a valet/manager: GTFO
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  6. :gtfo:
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  7. :obama: Coulda swore you were an AJ fanboy.
  8. She's good, hope she goes back to wrestling though.
  9. Wouldn't mind it. She is at least somewhat over, which is something that dreadful thing they call the divas division could use desperately.

    Just get her the fuck away from DZ. That's my man.
  10. She's fucking cancer.
  11. In the early stages I thought she was used well, but she suddenly got far too much TV time because of how popular she was getting. The decision to have her run RAW and interrupt most stories as well was disgusting.
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  12. I wouldn't even want her to stay for eye candy. I've seen hotter middle schoolers.
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  13. AJ looks like she belongs in middle school.
  14. She's a malignic kunt.
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  15. She's good wrestling, bad at love storylines imo
  16. Haters...


    I actually understand why you all hate her . She should have stayed out of Bryan , Punk or Ziggler.
    I dont like the way the wwe books her , I just like the way she is so GTFO (gimmick stuff)
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  17. Yawn-inducing little hoe
  18. You know the story of King Midas, right? How everything he touches turns to gold?
    Well, AJ Lee has the same power, except with fecal matter instead of gold.
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  19. Love. She cute..

    Cool to keep her with Ziggler for a short period, and then back to the Diva's division.
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