AJ Lee pregnant?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Majour, Jun 23, 2014.

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  1. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/485827-latest-on-aj-lee-pregnancy-rumors

    So a source from inside WWE, who has previously provided exclusive news in the past is now claiming that AJ is pregnant.

    Now before anyone bitches at me- I'm aware this isn't a gossip column (I get all my wrestling tea on another forum) however I thought I'd throw this out here as it could have a reasonably big effect on the Divas division.
  2. if this is true, then damn. no Paige/AJ feud? :why:
  3. It kind of leaves the division in a bad place (not that's it been that good for a while) but there just aren't enough good wrestlers left there and the ones that are good are underused- Emma for example.
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  4. Daddy took his ball and went home. Mama dropped off the face of the planet to get married.
    Kid confirmed to quit karate class and the baseball team.

    In serious: Congrats to the couple if true.

  5. Agreed, though I hope they change that god awful dance she does, kinda hard to take her as a wrestler, that said she is impressive in NXT (lolsantino)
  6. I don't hate the dance- but it's not a good gimmick for the main roster. But yeah, sticking her with Santino was an awful thing to do.
  7. I completely agree about Emma, it's a shame really.
  8. I like the dance, it's catchy =D. they should separate her from Santino, I can't stand that dude.
  9. I'll show you how the magic happens - just get your degree first.
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  10. I couldn't care less whether she's pregnant or not, really. If it somehow 'impacts' the Diva's division, it'd be impacting a division that I pay no real attention to anyway.
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  11. Oh My Fuck No!

    My diva's division!!!!! :blackshock:
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  12. Someone had to put it bluntly. I fuck up 90% but this is why I love you being here.

    This kind of TMZ/WWE attraction split is the worst, but i'm not blaming Majour. If Majour didnt have this thread (and it still might happen) we would EASILY have a "AJ Lee got knocked up and it's why CM Punk is gone from WWE" thread right next to the next CM Fanboy thread (I mean you CM Punk fan wearing skinny jeans to hide your dick) and this is everything we can avoid.

    At least Majour let the AJ quote speak for itself. If she wanted to tease people she could have said it was because CM Punk was there because he wanted to see the Cubs make the playoffs. You don't think the joke was worth the time you spent reading it? Welcome to the NLC.

    I have no reason to tag you lock outside of the first two sentences, we both know who you cheer for in baseball.
  13. I meant i'll get you pregnant if you can support me after.
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  14. Actually Aj Knocked CM Punk up. He's preggo
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  15. lol vanilla midget baby
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  16. She doesn't have proper birthing hips. I predict: Pain.
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  17. Well, hopefully she isn't because I'd like to see her back so she could work a program with Paige.
  18. Do you really? Like, you watch Raw and sit there thinking Man, what this show needs? Paige vs AJ?

    I mean, really?
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  19. Nah, I don't watch Raw expecting it to happen but if she showed up and asked for a rematch I'd go "huh, cool" and I would probably enjoy watching a match between them.
  20. Baseball sucks.
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