AJ Lee Says She’s Obsessed With Stephanie McMahon

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 17, 2012.

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    I feel a push coming..
  2. Obsessed with Steph huh :gusta:
  3. Of course she's obsessed with her. Her whole GM bit (minus the insanity) is nothing but a rip off of steph's. You can notice it in the way she talks. Steph is probably telling her how to do it
  4. Oh goodness..
  5. Was probably encouraged to say something like that.
  6. This is like the 4th different interview A.J has done saying how much she loves Steph, I'm surprised she's not lesbian.
  7. Maria thinks Steph is perfect. I'm surprised she isn't lesbian.
  8. Maybe it's a clue that Steph will be returning to TV soon and getting involved in some sort of angle with AJ. I surely hope not but then I don't watch Raw anymore and could care less.
  9. Ha-ha, I lol'd a little bit. :otunga:

    I thought she was going to return to TV more frequently when Triple H had the feud with Punk last year, Steph as creative is awful, but Steph on screen is more tolerable :gusta:
  10. Except when she begins to talk.
  11. :haha: cool.
  12. Don't see what people see in Steph, never really liked her. Her looks are alright, but other then that she comes off as annoying to me. Would rather sit through one of Linda's speech for senator or whatever she's running for then sit through a Stephanie promo. Congratulations though for AJ, she gets to fight her dream diva, hope she' happy I guess.
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