AJ Lee Sent Home From RAW Due To Concussion.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Messiah, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Oh please this is fake its just another excuse for her to stay champion
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  2. Awesome. That means we won't have to see her on Raw for a month at least.
    still hate seeing anyone get hurt, i hope it's just a minor concussion.
  3. I just read the article on WWE.com and It made me cry..... >,_<

    I really hope she's ok. I feel terrible right now.
  4. Yeah it sounded worse than i thought, she can't remember her match and she's suffering severe headaches. I hope she rests for a few weeks to heal from this. We'll find out more info later this week.
  5. I can't stop crying... >,_<

  6. She's a cheater, you gotta know she's faking this injury.
  7. I hope she gets well soon. After tonight's match, it seems clear that the division needs her and she's been bringing some nice attention to the Divas Division as a result of her title reign.
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  8. AJ should be stripped of the title and Brie should be champion
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  9. I should be the Diva's champion. Trust me yo, I can get heat faster than a solar panel.
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  10. That makes no sense.. If AJ got stripped of the Divas Title they should make a tournament to crown the next Divas Champion.
  11. No, she shouldn't, but you should be stripped of your ability to type...
  12. I say humanity should be stripped of clothing. Mmmm.
  13. If a champion is out with injury and unable to defend his or her belt for a certain amount of time (usually a month) they are stripped of the belt and the belt is handed to his or her's latest opponent, or there is a match set up to crown a new champ (battle royal) or a tournament, depending on the situation. Considering how little of a fuck the WWE gives about the divas in comparison to the rest of the card I'd say it will be a battle royal if it comes to that.
  14. Queen Chrysalis deserves to be Divas Champion more than Brie...
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  15. AJ is going to be back before then, and NO ONE is going to take her title away from her.
  16. *proceeds to flip off everyone in the crowd*
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  17. Note the IF. And considering how seriously WWE takes concussions now she might well be gone over a month. Much tougher guys have been taken out by concussions.