AJ Lee Talks About Wanting To Wrestle At WrestleMania 29

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Book it, push AJ as a singles competitor. Plus I dislike Eve's current *Insert whatever gimmick it is here*
  2. If it gets her away from authority then sure.
  3. My exact thoughts, she's improved in the ring. But she pisses me off completely as GM. :haha:
  4. The sooner she drops the GM character the better, she's good in the ring as well, it'd be nice.
  5. she'll be gone at SS I bet. only saw her in ring once at SD when she was still with DB.
  6. Hopefully it will be faster than that. :gusta:
  7. That would be cool... :sad:
  8. *suddenly appears*
    Okay who said New Jersey :bury:

    AJ will wrestle me in bed when she comes back to daddy april 7th. :smug:
  9. itll be a no contest as you prematurely ejaculate on her thigh
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  10. I like Eve so :finger: you.
  11. Eve's gimmick is like watching a goldfish out of water...
    Sure its entertaining for 3 seconds, but then you start to just feel bad for the poor thing.
  12. She's pretty good in ring, she would be better off into the diva's division then this pathetic attempt at being a general manager. WWE really knows how to make women look like idiots sadly.
  13. I agree. Poor WWE :pity:
  14. I agree. I just wish Divas would stop riding the coattails of the Superstars (Aksana and Antonio, Funkadactyls, etc.) and get in the freakin' ring more. It makes a bad representation of women.
  15. Not their call sadly, it's all WWE's decision.
  16. Yeah, I know... Hell, I even heard Naomi is one hell of a fighter, but noooo, Funkadactyls. :blown:
  17. They piss all over the women's division. They are like the prostitutes of the wwe. I miss when the diva's division meant something. Thanks Kelly.
  18. This is so much win. :haha:
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