AJ Lee: Time for a Gimmick Change?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. I think the gimmick she had has ran it's course, and it's time to make her a female competitor in the divas division.

    If the WWE keeps going with this gimmick, it will turn tiresome (if not already) and will make a lot of people hate on AJ.
  2. She can fuck off.she is far too overexposed and ruined the Bryan/Punk feud.
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  3. AJ's been tiresome for a whiiiiiile now. She needs to wrestle and help put the Divas division over.
  4. THIS.

    I will never forgive her for that.
  5. I love AJ :datass: . And he NEEDS to go away from Ziggler and feud with Kaitlyn , win the title at WM and put the divas division over
  6. I find her rib cage to be over exposed than herself...
  7. Superkick from Dolph causes her to lose her memory of the past year and she becomes interested in being a Divas champ again.

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  8. Then I lie to her and tell her I'm his boyfriend :ryan1:
  9. You're his boyfriend eh? :ksi:
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  10. :cornette:

    Well, I agree, AJ's character has run its course at least twice now, I really hope she goes back to the Divas division soon, probably before Mania, a feud with Kaitlyn would be nice and she'd have less screen time.
  11. Fixed :rock:

    Not gonna get bored of AJ...:pity:
  12. yeah, but with her relative size compared to the other Divas, se doesnt fit the build.. LOL

    although I do see a chickbusters fued coming
  13. This subject has been discussed many times and everyone agrees. This "whore" gimmick does nothing for anyone and should go back to wrestling... if she remember knows how to wrestle. I'm more of a fan of her NXT work. All of her matches lately just make her look so lame, even if she wins them.

    I'm hoping after she's done messing with the guys, maybe she'll be feuding with some new Diva talent and it will make the new talent instantly go over. She brought in Big E, but so far that's been more awkward than anything. We'll see where that goes when Dolph/Aj/Langston split up, but other that it's just...


    wat r u doing


  14. There are a lot of things that can be said about AJ. I could go on for hours and hours about how annoying she is BUT this sums it up best.

  15. I think AJ is very talented on the mic and I think she's done the best with what she's been provided by the writers. With that being said, I would love to see her in the ring again wrestling since I think she has talent in that area as well and the Divas division could use a push. I would love to see AJ focusing more on feuds with other Divas since that could help push the division forward too and give her something else to do rather than working with Dolph. I don't mind her with Dolph and Big E since it was a way for her to start off as a heel but now I think she can move on to more independent work and be on her own for some things.
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