AJ Lee

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by hypercam, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. I don't expect many people to answer this truthfully but I want to ask a question, when you first saw AJ Lee on NXT or FCW or wherever (without knowing anything about her just looking at her) how many of you at first glance looked at her and thought to yourselves "Wow she's hotter than Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Melina, Maryse, Maria, and every other diva in wrestling history". That's what all her fans are saying right now. I'm just wondering if the last we ever saw of AJ was when she was eliminated on NXT in 2010 and she never got brought up to the main roster or got that big push in 2012, how many people would still say she was the hottest woman in the history of the universe.
  2. Hot? No.
    Cute? Yes.
  3. No way is she the hottest. Whoever says that knows they're lying to themselves.
  4. who the fuck has ever called her the hottest woman in the universe? I feel sorry for that terrible human being
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  5. Move to locker room pls.
  6. Why? She's an active superstar in WWE.
  7. move to wrestlingforums.net please
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  8. it's a jerkoff thread. how many times can we discuss AJ's fucking looks. we get it some kids think she is fine. lets move on
  9. Nothing to do with wrestling/WWE. It's embarrassing.
  10. :haha:
  11. You know what's a really underrated Thanksgiving dish? Deviled eggs. So tasty.
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  12. I feel like a proud father. derailing threads with food, classic
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  13. :haha: It's become the commentator chants of WWEF. You created a monster, brother.
  14. Just googled devilled eggs, they look great.
  15. I feel bad for non Americans today.
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  16. Aren't they like the official white dude food in 'murica? Mmmm.

    I feel bad for non Americans every day.
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  17. Just woke up about to make some bacon and eggs :yay:
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  18. +1 USA USA USA USA
  19. AJ looks like she isn't a day older than 13.

    Also,man I can wait to get some deviled eggs today,they're gonna be great.:gusta:
  20. Powerade tastes so watered down. But its always a buck at Albertsons, while Gatorade is about two. So I always get Powerade.
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