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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Shoot? Worked shoot? Just a good pipebomb promo?

    That promo was fucking awesome. I liked the emphasis on "SUCKED" which I hope was blow-job related.
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  2. I just thought she just memorized a post from here in the forums.

    I thought it was fine, the suck reference though was funny. The reactions from the Divas sold the promo though for me, and the crowd.
  3. It was awesome how AJ cut a scathing promo on both the face and heel Divas and not only put herself above the entire Divas division but also completely buried Total Divas in the process.
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  4. If Heyman wasn't such a complete beast on the mic that would have been far and above the best promo of the night. It might be the best Diva's promo since the glory days.
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  5. I loved it and the fans even cheered for aj lol does this mean the end of the ziggler vs aj and big e story? i hope so
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  6. On a side note, the stupid Bellas almost ruined it by not shutting up the ENTIRE promo. I understand you want to fire back, but I'm sure all of the people in the first five rows couldn't hear AJ at all. Selfish on their part.
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  7. Can't believe they let her go out there and completely bury their show - which she did. T'was awesome, the 'sucking up' remark was absolute brilliance.
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  8. Watching it now. Kinda chuckling at the first piece of heat she got was for dissing Tyson Kidd.
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  9. WWE finally found a good use for AJ Lee: Burying Total Divas. Don't care how much heat this gets me, this was fucking awesome!

    Was scared at first since she just put over the show, but didn't realize she was just mocking it since she can't act, but afterwards it felt like that classic scene from How High.
    "A bunch of cheap, interchangable, expendable, useless women relying on reality television to become actresses." Get em.
    "I've shattered glass ceilings, I've broken down doors, and for what? So a bunch of stiff plastic mannequins can waltz on through without so much as a thank you?" Get em!
    "You can't even look me in the eye because you know that I worked my entire life for this and you were just handed 15 minutes of fame" Get em!
    "I didn't get here because I was cute, or came from a famous wrestling family, or because I SUCKED up to the right people..." GET EM!

    Yeah, Crayo, that was definitely a blowjob reference. :lol1: Loved every second of this. Bouncing up and down in my chair in excitement.

    Also, right after this:
    The Bella Twins@nicoleandbri 14h
    AJ remember you would be nothing if WWE didn't partner you up with every top guy. Try being a diva that makes it on your own. #RAW

    The jokes write themselves.
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  10. Never thought in a million years i'd be complimenting a promo by aj lee, but gotta give credit where credit is deserved. Good job AJ.
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  11. BTW if Natayla wasn't in the ring i'd have been totally on board.
  12. That was amazing
  13. I was an extremely proud AJ mark after last night. She delivered the promo of her career and established herself further as the face of the Divas division. It was a pipebomb of her own that not only trashed Total Divas but also pushed herself above and beyond everyone else in the company. I hope it leads to a really nice feud for her with Natalya in particular for Night of Champions.
  14. Would put it in my signature if it wasn't for school. I loved the pipebomb way too much, but I don't even care.
  15. God they were like a bunch of annoying school kids, i wanted someone to smack them.
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  16. Gotta agree with the Bella's tho. If she weren't with D Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena or Ziggler. She'd barely get a reaction.
    Regardless the fact that the Bella's are dating Cena and Bryan, they have to get themselves over without any assistance of a star.
    The only thing the Bella's secured is their contracts and possible TV time.
  17. AJ Lee sucks.
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  18. One can not forget the focus that the Bellas and Total Divas has given the rest of the division. Thanks to the Bellas and the show, Natalya's stagnant career is up and running. and the Funkadactyls have gone from valets to full on wrestlers themselves. And Jojo and Eva Marie are getting a head start on their careers that most young divas could only wish for.
  19. Fashion shows >>> wrestling for sure.
  20. I'm by no means saying that Total Divas is more important than actual wrestling. But AJ has in comparison done nothing for the divas division. AJ's push has helped AJ, not the other divas. Total Divas has given the divas more screen time and more exposure as an entire division than AJ's psycho shtick has for a year+.
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