AJ meets Lita

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. This may be on here if so just delete the thread but I just came across this.

  2. I remember seeing this awhile ago. It's pretty funny how AJ ended up stealing her childhood hero's boyfriend all these years later.
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  3. This thread is just asking for BLFFL.
  4. 2001? You mean to tell me she's older than 10 years old?
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  5. Allow me to play you a song on the worlds smallest violin
  6. AJ looks the same basically.
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  7. JeebaK will be disappointed.
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  8. I never understood crying when you meet a famous person.
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  9. I know right? Puttin' that bitch on some crazy pedestal.
  10. Well Lita was pretty big at the time and the most respectful diva (with Trish) because they were great in ring and refused to do Playboy and nudes etc which was common back then.
  11. I'm not sure what that has to do with crying. AJ gets a pass though, she was a kid at the time. I think I'm really getting at when grown ass adults do it. Have some self respect. This is just another human being you're meeting.
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  12. Yeah, being excited yes but crying when you are an adult for someone unless they have truly changed your life (organ donor, family members etc) is weird.
  13. Yeah, life changing stuff is one thing. Serious shit. But a trivial meet and greet for a celebrity is bananaballs
  14. AJ is a slut she stole CM Punk from Lita. CM Punk and Lita were in a long term relationship and then comes along AJ to ruin it all and she obviously slept with CM Punk backstage and took him off Lita. Lita needs to track AJ down and beat her ass
  15. Haboglabortribin'! WWWWWWWHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A take a ride take a ride! Take a ride take a ride!!!!!!
  16. It's not AJ's fault. Punk is a dude who requires his broads to do anal. Lita's butt has taken a lot of anal poundings and it's not as attractive as it once was. In walks AJ with her younger and less-pounded butthole. It's basic thugonomics.
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  17. Punk is obviously a pimp from how many girls hes shagged but AJ is to blame her she knew Punk and Lita were dating but she still went and stole Punk from Lita
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  18. So adults cant end relationships and enter new ones anymore.
  19. OH HELL NO! Obviously relationships only get stolen. Haven't you ever seen Titanic?
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  20. Lita is AJ's childhood idol and probably a major influence on why she wanted to become a wrestler. I don't think I'd cry if I met a celebrity but I also don't have one that I idolize as much as AJ does with Lita. I think it's a sweet moment.
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