AJ most popular female wrestler according to study

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  2. Stopspot. No word of a lie I was just about to post that... you're too fast than me, I'm using this information for the Kelly Kelly thread to prove how "She isn't WWE" like everyone think.... Idiots.
  3. Feel free to post it over there. I've been at this forum longer than you. I had to learn to keep up with Hoss.
  4. Thanks for the advice :emoji_grin:
  5. :haha: Everyone? The crowd was quiet as hell. And I can see AJ being the most talked about, she just got the General Manager position, and was part of a storyline between the WWE Champion and the number 1 contender. Of course she's going to be the most popular diva, no other Diva is getting as much attention or screen time as her. Would prefer if she was in the ring though, she didn't do anything to deserve that General Manager position, I wouldn't have mind to have Vickie General Manager once more.
  6. I wouldn't call Wrestling Observer using Google stats a 'study' haha, but yeah I saw this earlier.
    AJ is the female John Cena.
  7. Someone or a gathering of people collecting data to compare and find a result can be classified as a study.

  8. This information has to be wrong Kelly Kelly is the most popular and searched diva. AJ is a nobody
  9. Aj is the general manager of Raw.

    AJ was involved in a feud between the WWE Champion and the number one contender.

    AJ was the first diva in FCW to hold both woman's championships there.

    AJ was dating a World Heavyweight Champion.

    Please do your research before you post ignorance.
  10. I think this means Bryan is doing a swell job making her someone to pay attention to. They work well together and it isnt often a male wrestler treats his valet with equal respect the way Bryan does. Its nice to know a short girl can get by these days
  11. Bryan is the best :bitw:
  12. I fucking hate aj
    she annoys the shit out of me... her segments are boring as hell... her announcements are hardly surprising
    and she rolls her head around and talks in that stupid bubbly voice... just makes me want to kick her face in gaaaaaahhh :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:issed:
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  13. Are you telling me, you knew that there was going to be a triple threat match for the WWE championship, you knew she would make Daniel Bryan's life a living hell, AND that she would put him in a match against Kane?!!?!? Are you fucking psychic?!?!?! :shock:
  14. How can she not be the most popular female? She's the only one who gets any air time
  15. Making DB's life a living hell and wrestling Kane at Summerslam I knew. The triple threat was pretty easy to predict once Punk attacked them, I refused to believe they were going to do it at first but then I accepted it. Yeah, none of her announcements were surprising although I like her overall.

    This. She gets a lot of screen time and is also involved in big storylines, if she wasn't the most popular diva I'd be surprised.
  16. Most of those searches were probably searching for AJ's nude pics or sex tapes.
  17. Now I'm not going to say it's not, but just don't be surprised if you go through my search history.
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