News AJ Press release on leaving TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. From his website and facebook:

    Hard to believe he seems to actually be gone. End of an era in TNA.
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  2. This is oddly sad, I always assumed AJ and TNA would always be linked in some capacity.
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  3. Unless he goes New Japan or AAA full time I see him back somewhere down the line, but yeah it is pretty sad.
  4. It's strange to see him leaving at all, AJ with another home company is just odd. I know he had some in the early days but since TNA was formed he was TNA.
  5. don't believe it's anything but a work. hiatus, return with glory.
  6. Then why not release the press release when his send off match airs?
  7. If it was a work it'd have been played perfectly.
  8. Oh shit, that really blows. Hard to imagine TNA without thinking of AJ Styles as one of the head boys since I started watching in 09. Very strange.
  9. Damn. I'll miss AJ Styles a lot.
  10. Don't watch tons of TNA but Damn can't believe he's gone someone has dropped the ball there imo.
  11. I don't really watch TNA much either but this can't be good for them. For their sake I hope this is some form of shoot or work because the last thing they need is for AJ to leave. Hell, I used to tune in JUST to see AJ's matches and promos. That guy is like Mr TNA, gonna be weird seeing him else where.
  12. how sad is it that when I see 'AJ' I now think of AJ Lee first
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  13. you ninja'd me there.

    Goodbye TNA, you've been dogshit lately so i'm not too mad. I'll watch Bully and BI matches on facebook from now on.
  14. According to Wrestlezone he has resigned.
  15. resigned from what? or re-signd with TNA?
  16. My bad re-signed.
  17. Hyped if so.
  18. LINK!

    You are old enough cannot make a quote of others or a statement without quoting your source. SOURCE?
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