AJ snogged Kane!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. AJ snogged Kane!!!!!!!! OMG I cant believe I actually saw that happen. How the hell did Kane keep in character while she was snogging him. Props goes to them for acting that out so well. My god this storyline has just got even better. Maybe AJ will help Kane win the WWE title and this will be WWE swerving us all
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  2. And it gave many people boners.
  3. Gave me a woody :true:
  4. Kanes reaction was amazing lol.. its like this was the first time he'd ever experienced an emotion and he didnt know how to cope with it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  5. But the thing is Kane has had women experience remember hes had storylines with

    Chyna, Tori, Terri Runnells, Trish Stratus, Lita, Kelly Kelly, Eve and now AJ

    Kane actually had a full on kiss with Lita back in the old days so I dont know why he didnt react to AJ kissing him. OMG this is so epic. Kane just looked so out of it after that snog from AJ. But I love it so much this has just made this storyline even better. Also its official Kane is a pimp hes had the most storylines with divas than any other guy on the roster. He is a lucky guy
  6. Kane is a PIMP :true:
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  7. What is snogging? I don't understand British Wording.
  8. I was wondering what was going to happen and that was a huge surprise. Good job CM Punk didn't see it as he wouldn't have been impressed I don't think!
  9. 20 years difference between the two of them...Well done Kane!!
  10. :win: :burns:
  11. All the 8 year old girls love Justin Bieber and that is like a 10 year difference. That is soon to be on Kane's top 1000 moments, I bet! :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Yes...but I'm not congratulating that :facepalm1:
  13. In the 1000th epsiodes of Raw Kane has been with alot of divas so he should have the best moment when the 1000th Raw airs
  14. He's only had 3?

    "Tombstone" Tori

    Who else?
  15. I was surprised to see it. Let's see where the storyline goes.
  16. Ewww

    :taker: Brothers think alike. Brothers of Pedo, it seems. Hee hee :lol1:
  17. It's not pedo bro. AJ Is like 26. By that logic Hugh Hefner is the biggest pedo. :obama: People just hate on Kane cuz he gets all the bitches. :burns:
  18. AJ is 25 years old and Glenn Jacobs (Kane) is 45 years old wow what an age gap. I dont know how they did that snog that must of been weird

    Kane has had storylines with all these divas

    Chyna, Tori, Terri Runnells, Trish Stratus, Lita, Kelly Kelly, Eve and now AJ

    ^^^ That right there shows what a pimp Kane is
  19. Can't you smile at all? I was making fun at Undertaker and Kane for smooching younger girls.

    I'm not a guy, Lil Wade
  20. Kharma? :dawg:
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