NJPW AJ Styles Comments On A Possible Future With WWE, Mentions Retirement Plans

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 27, 2015.

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  2. No chance in hell he retires at 42 unless he signs with NXT and moves to Raw pretty quickly. You gotta have a helluva savings and guaranteed royalties if you wanna retire at 42.
  3. Doesn't he have some side business going as well? Most of the guys from his generation in TNA do. Joe for example is a landlord/in the real estate game.
  4. Still not enough to maintain the current lifestyle with six figure salaries.
  5. I think when he says retire he doesn't mean get the gold watch retire, but rather move on from wrestling into some other career. Which would most likely mean a decent lifestyle change as you pointed out. Granted I dunno if there is any data out on how exactly the Allen Jones family lives. Just what they make.
  6. Looks like he'll be using his name/links to become a feeder school for NJPW. It's not a bad idea I suppose and I'd rather see him go then rather than be a Flair or Hogan.
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