AJ Styles: Debut & What's Next

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. So what did everyone think of AJ's debut? And what do you want to see happen with him?
    I think the huge pop for him will no doubt push him to the top quicker, the crowd went crazy and I loved it.

    A feud with Zayn and Owens sounds awesome to me, they all have history.

    Do you think Owens should have won the IC title though? That automatically creates a 4-way feud with Styles/Zayn/Owens/Ambrose.
  2. They should definitely execute a Styles vs Zayn vs Owens triple threat match, maybe the winner could challenge for the US or IC title a Mania (with Styles being the winner)

    It looks like Ambrose vs Y2J start now
  3. Lol literally posted something similar the same time as you in the RAW thread.
  4. Nah. Owens should have won the US Title from Cena last year, and Styles could have been the perfect contender to win it off of him at Mania. As it is, Ambrose keeping the IC Title awhile longer and feuding with heel Chris Jericho is the way to go.
  5. Ambrose has nothing going on. And Styles can probably get the best possible match out of him. And that's not a slight on Ambrose.
  6. Ambrose is gonna feud with Jericho. Dean eliminating Y2J last night was likely the first sign of an oncoming rivalry.
  7. Well that's dumb quite honestly.
    Jericho can stand having a minimal match at mania. AJ just debuted. He needs something important to do. First impressions and all that, you don't sign the hottest free agents and then have him waste away in the opener.
    And they'd be equally dumb to put him in with Owens and Zayn. Since there is more importance for those two as characters in the one on one match. Based off of their history and rivalry, and Zayn admitting in his post match promo that he entered the rumble solely to mess with Kevin.

    Styles vs Ambrose for me makes the most sense, and the most money most likely.
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  8. Last time Jericho was at Wrestlemania, he was putting over Fandango. He should be in something significantly more important this time around. He and Ambrose would have good chemistry with each other and given that Y2J has held more Intercontinental Titles than anyone, that would make a good selling point for their feud.

    Ambrose should go up against a heel imo, not someone who's probably on track to being one of the top 5 babyfaces on the roster. ADR and Styles over the US Title would have produced excellent matches if they had chosen to roll with Styles as the new US Champion instead of Kalisto, but that's out. I don't see AJ vs Kalisto in a face/face feud either (at least not this early), great as the matches would be.

    Aren't Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson on their way over to WWE as well? Maybe they can skip NXT and possibly form WWE's own version of the Bullet Club and compete against The League of Nations in a six-man tag team match or something.
  9. Gallows and Anderson are confirmed to be going to NXT for at least a year to help NXT as a touring brand.

    And why does "dadbod" Jericho deserve a spot over Styles? Jericho is going to be gone post Mania either way. Also Styles is the best worker on the planet right now arguably. Anything Jericho would bring to the table. Styles will do better
  10. I think I would've preferred if he was introduced tonight on RAW, 'cause I feared the reaction towards him at the Rumble would be eh, but given the reaction he received last night, it was handled well. He lasted around 30 minutes and he was bumping his ass off for everyone.

    IMO, Zayn/Owens feud is better off being a singles feud. These two can do magic together.

    Styles will prolly be in the US/IC title picture. Considering the fact that they've been playing hot potatoes with the US title, it wouldn't surprise me to see Kalisto drop it back to ADR tonight and then perhaps we'll get Styles vs ADR at WM 32.

    Although, I'd prefer Styles vs Ambrose for the IC title at Mania... If Y2J vs Ambrose doesn't end up happening.
  11. You didn't think Styles would get a big reaction in Orlando? He worked that territory for a decade. They were very very very smart with picking what event to debut him at. That was some RISK level strategy. Simple but smart.
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    Why bring Jericho back, have him last longer than anyone else in the Rumble (including Reigns, given he was gone for nearly half the match), and then throw him in some insignificant undercard spot at Mania. You said it yourself - Y2J will be gone after Mania. AJ Styles won't. He's got plenty of time to make a name for himself in WWE whereas Jericho is here to do his business for a bit and leave. Giving Ambrose a good opponent to go over at WM sits well enough for me.

    As it turns out, maybe Ambrose vs Jericho won't happen at all and we'll see Jericho vs Styles in a grudge match instead. Ambrose maybe defends the title against Sheamus or something. Reigns vs HHH and Ambrose vs Sheamus on the same card for the top two titles would give off a slight Shield Bros vs Authority vibe, since the two would technically be connected.
  13. Jericho was there as long as he was because of one person. Strowman. He was there to direct traffic for him. Playing traffic cop for a man who almost legitimately doesn't know how to bump.

    Styles is red hot, they need to do something big with him for Mania or risk him getting lost in the shuffle. If they wait with doing something with him until after Mania they risk having a much more cooled of Styles after Mania.

    Push Styles now so that they have him hot and ready when Nakamura reports in after Mania ideally. There has been way too much hype built up by the WWE hypemachine regarding Styles signing for them not to do something with him at mania imo.
  14. WWE Universe likes to flip-flop their opinions nowadays, so yes, I was a bit uncertain should they debut him at the RR or not.

    I'm glad it went well. Now all's they gotta do is push him right away.
  15. Again. AJ worked Orlando for a decade. AJ is always going to be over in Orlando. It's one of his towns, just like Chicago, Philly and New York.

    Not to mention the amount of general wrestling rub he had. Thinking WWE fans are not aware of what happens outside of WWE is a bit shortsighted. Don't forget that a very big part of the WWE fanbase are guys 18 and up. WWE knew that if they debuted AJ in Orlando he was going to get a big reaction. Especially with the teasing done leading up to the rumble of him signing or not
  16. AJ vs Roman at Fast Lane to see who faces Triple H at Mania, Styles goes over. It makes no sense once so ever, but neither does WWE most of the time.
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  17. Hopefully Styles feuds with the returning Daniel Bryan and buries the fuck outta him.
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  18. So juiced to see what they do with AJ, i'm hoping we get to see it right out of the gate tonight as soon as the obligatory 40 minute Trips promo.

    Still, first Raw I can think of in almost a year I've been excited to watch live.
  19. lol Jericho came in at #6, Strowman at #17. Why book Y2J in the match for so long before Braun's entrance if it was just solely for Strowman's benefit? And I find it hard to believe that even as green as Strowman is, he wouldn't know to simply hammer and pummel people for a good ten to twelve minutes before Brock came out. His role last night didn't really demand that much work or effort be put forth.

    I agree they need to capitalize on Styles in the best way possible, but I don't think it necessitates putting him in a program with Ambrose over the IC Title. But that's just me.
  20. Styles Clash sends him right back on the shelf, hell yeah.
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