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The most heartening thing about this fan-shot video from Raw in Toronto on Monday might be how many boos their are when part of the audience starts a “CM Punk” chant during the AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins main event.

But AJ does his part, and uses a Triple H-inspired gesture to support the folks trying to shout down the Punksters:

Don’t know if this was caught on TV, but AJ Styles with the perfect response to CM PUNK chants #RAW

— Tom @ Summerslam (@TQSherwood) August 13, 2019
My favorite part is probably tweeter Tom’s “AYE HAHAHAHA” response to the crotch chop.

The main takeaway here is this: If you still want to use the name of a guy who left wrestling more than five years ago to express your displeasure with or disinterest in what’s happening in the ring, that’s fine. But expect someone to tell you to “suck it”.

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