AJ Styles New Theme

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. Blues Saraceno's "Evil Ways" was used last night at TNA Slammiversary as AJ Styles new entrance theme.

    The track was also used by the WWE in a promo package for CM Punk vs.The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The song has also been used for such videogames as Call of Duty: Black Ops II, God of War: Ascension and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

    You can listen to the track below
  2. I think it fits AJ, I loved the old one but this one really fits his new role
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  3. Not bad. Better than his old one, imo. Also, they should have used it as soon as he returned. It was weird seeing "badass" Aj coming out to his old one. Way too babyface sounding.
  4. As soon as I heard the music hit, I thought of God of War: Ascension (which made me all :win: and :yay: like) then also thought of the Punk/Taker promo. It isn't a song that ultimately gets you pumped, but I like it. I think it's pretty fitting right now.
  5. Emo AJ Styles needed a new theme, to fit his character, and I applaud TNA for using this theme.What I wonder will AJ stay as this type of character or in a year he goes back to GET READY TO FLY...
  6. Good song and it fits him imo.
  7. I thought it was a great song! It seems to suit his new persona.
  8. I wasn't crazy about it when I heard it at Slammy, but was just glad he ditched the overly babyface Get Ready to Fly crap.
  9. It felt like a true superstar was coming out @ Slammy, I loved that feeling.
  10. It needs some kind of kick at the start, just something to announce he's here. An idea I kind of liked was him riding out on his batcycle and the engine noise being amplified as he rolls in.

  11. What's "emo" about AJ's current gimmick? Lol.
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