AJ Styles offered "Blow Away Deal"

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  1. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/663...st-offers-to-styles-and-njpw-and-roh-interest

    Styles also teased Rumble appearance, probably not happening because I don't wanna jynx this (knock on wood). But if this is a blow away, something way higher than the TNA deal mentioned above, he's gotta take it. At at time like this, the company can make him a big star, with the fame he already has outside the company.
  2. He finally sold his soul to the devil :psycho:
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  3. AJ must've been offered a good amount of money, no doubt. The dude's a family mark and will do what's best for his family.

    My only fear is that he's a former TNA guy and might be misused on the main roster.
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  4. Just as I said in another topic, Vince has to commit
  5. Vince doesn't care.
  6. I think he's destined to be misused. I don't see him being a top guy on the main roster. He'll start off with a lot of momentum, but then they'll probably book him in a 4 month feud with Sheamus and he'll end up jobbing after that :sheamful:
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  7. I think you're right, sadly. :downer:
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  8. AJ doesn't have the charisma to be a top guy in WWE. His mic skills are on par with Matt Hardy's. Then again, so were Matt's brother Jeff's and he became the hottest superstar in the industry in 2009, so who knows.

    Still, if I were a huge Styles fan, I wouldn't even think about getting my hopes up that he'll receive a serious push to the top.
  9. Jeff had the look and swagger tho. And he basically pioneered extreme high flying in WWE. Aj styles definitely doesn't have the right look to be a top guy
  10. AJ styles looks like a church loving soccer dad lol
  11. AJ IS a church loving, bible thumping, anti gay rights redneck (at least he was anti gay rights). He'll fit right in with McMahon's crew (PS Hayes to be precise)
  12. Neither did Daniel Bryan, and look at how he's turned out.

    Just saying, you can never really be 100% sure who the audience will gravitate towards and end up liking and who they won't.
  13. Hell, AJ Styles is the perfect example of what Lock just pointed out.

    AJ was never meant to be Mr. TNA. But who became Mr. TNA? AJ Styles.
  14. He's also a former New Japan, and worldwide superstar. Something most TNA alums can't boast.
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  15. Smoke grenade, that's it.
  16. Mark Henry getting dropped sucks for him, but he's literally going no where any ways. So it doesn't matter. Fill him with the former druggie Jeff hardy or someone like angle. Let them die in the ring
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  17. Either that, or it could be his final ROH event.

    "The best wrestling on the planet, Ring of Honor, will bring another great night of action to the Atlanta area on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016. We will be making our debut at the Infinite Energy Center (Formerly the Gwinnett Center) with a 7:30PM bell time!

    In addition to the hard-hitting, fast-paced professional wrestling that only ROHshowcases, fans in Duluth with have an opportunity to send off ROH Legend and hometown star "The Phenomenal One" AJ STYLES!

    Styles will be appearing live in Duluth to sign autographs and take photos with the BEST FANS ON THE PLANET! A cornerstone of ROH since its inception in 2002, Gainesville, GA's Styles has become one of the most accomplished stars in professional wrestling, capturing a litany of major titles including, most recently, the IWGP World Championship! Don't miss your chance to meet and greet this ROH Legend at his LAST ROH APPEARANCE – you just don't know where you may see him next!"

    From ROH's website.
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  18. So WWE honored AJ then. Since he was originally told to pull out of all future ROH appearances and go straight to McMahon.

    That's nice.
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  19. WWE is really pushing for him. It's cool to see a wrestler carry more weight then the corporation.
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