AJ Styles return?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by King Taz, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. I believe the same storyline has been done when CM Punk walked out as champion, do you think TNA will mimic the story-line entirely? I would like to see some Champion time perhaps, dominate through a few competitors then have Styles comeback in, although if it is Hardy, I would prefer Styles comeback immediately
  2. TNA has already went farther with the storyline than WWE did in my opinion. Unlike WWE, TNA has gotten AJ to travel around the world and defend his title in other promotions.
    As for when Styles will return, I imagine it won't be until a few weeks after the new champion has been crowned(hopefully it's Roode) like you said. Seeing Roode and Styles feud for the World championship again would make for some great TV.
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  3. I don't think it is Roode bud, I really think Magnus is going to be Champion, the push he has received, TNA ain't no WWE, pushing like crazy and then bury them. I agree that travelling round the world is such a great idea, beat WWE are kicking themselves for not doing it, that would have proven CM Punk was the best in the world. I would like the champion (whoever except Hardy) to have a good reign and bring Styles back at a PPV ending and have him stare down with the Current Champ. (If Hardy) bring in ASAP
  4. While I'm a fan of Magnus I don't see him winning the tournament. Dixie is going to do everything in her power to get a champion she can claim is worthy, and that man would most likely be Roode. Unless,somebody turns heel in the tournament but I don't see that happening. Also, besides Dixie supporting the newly crowned champion they'll most likely feud with AJ shortly down the line whom is a face. If TNA decides to make a face versus faces feud for the title then more power to them,but, I just don't see that going down. Then again,this is just my opinion.
  5. I disagree Vintage, While Roode is a good choice, I think he'll feud with Angle for a bit more, and Magnus will be the new champion, maybe turn heel in the process, he has the look, the English accent, like Spud, why not add him? I guarantee it is going to be Magnus.

    I would love for Roode vs AJ though, I am just quite sure that Roode will lose in semi-finals either he gets screwed by Angle as I don't see Hardy winning cleanly and he'll feud with Angle. Magnus vs Hardy will be the finals and Magnus will win and turn heel to be the Champion Dixie claims she wants, this is all because she has Spud, and english dude
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  6. Good outlook, I could see that happening as well. Whether Magnus wins and turns heel,or, Roode wins I'd be happy either way.
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  7. Those are two outcomes that I would be happy with, the one I would really be pissed at would be Hardy winning, that would ruin TNA and it is getting so good now Ace's n 8's left.

    Back on Topic: I wouldn't like to see them do WWE's style of double shoulders down etc. I would like to see a good long feud to a TV PPV, can't decide which though
  8. Haha, man that would suck if Hardy won. Throughout this whole time Hardy winning wasn't even a possibility in my head.

    Also, same here. I hate the way WWE does such short term booking, sometimes they book a match the week before a PPV which is so stupid. It has no time to have a good build up or back story.

    To your last statement, I'd like to see TNA do that with the X-Division champion Sabin. Since Sabin has won it he's barely defended it or even had any sort of feud. Manik trying to re-claim what he lost to Sabin would be a good feud I suppose. So would Sabin versus Zema,but, I doubt that would happen as they're both heel.
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  9. WWE sucks dude, I don't watch garbage and sadly, imo, that is what WWE has become, NXT is the only decent program WWE has.

    That would be a good match, but I do like Zema with the Bro-Mans, TNA has few tag teams and Zema makes Bro-Mans an interesting watch each week. I would definitely like a feud with Manic vs Sabin, I have a few thoughts on how it would be booked, I will save it for another thread. AJ styles return I think should be unexpected, drag it out, let some of the other champions get some spotlight, build up the X-Division, then POW, King Of The X-Division comes in and wins the title from Roode
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  10. Last night's Smackdown wasn't that bad, it was actually better than RAW in my opinion. Also,I do agree, NXT is the best product WWE puts out at the moment.

    Same here, Zema returning as a part of Bromans was one of my favorite parts of this weeks TNA. As for Manik, he hasn't been seen in recent weeks which blows, him feuding with Sabin would give them both something to do.
    To the AJ Styles statement, I think his return should be unexpected as well.
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  11. I don't really watch Smackdown ever since Kozlov and those guys got in it, sank and I never watched it since. I hope Bro-Mans get a good tag team to feud against. I wonder if AJ where AJ will go after the Champion vs Champion, as that is major momentum for him winning that match
  12. What good team is their really at this moment that The Bromans can feud with? Once they're done with Young/Park, I dunno what face team they can really feud with bro
  13. Very True Hoff, Gunner/Storm looks like they could part ways, I would love to see Anderson perhaps team with someone who is also great on the mic, can't think of who at the moment
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  14. It's a shame about Gunner/Storm. They coulda been a good team for the Bromans to feud with. Hope they don't end up droppin the ball with Bromans. They're one of the best things in TNA, and not just sayin that cause I'm a Bromans mark, bro.
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  15. * Eyes drop to signature* - Not at all, wouldn't have guessed

    Bad Influence are the only other team I know of, Aries and Roode were a cool team as well
  16. I was hopin it wasn't too obvious I'm a mark for the Bromans. Dunno though, hope they find a team for them soon bro
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  17. I imagine they will have TV Time regardless, especially the turkey dance from this week, Brofection
  18. They should put the X Division title on Zema, having all 3 of em hold titles. That's best for business Dixie. Do it broette
  19. Zema got a great gig going, but he does need more bling
  20. We'll definitely see a Champ vs. Champ match down the line, most probably in 2014.

    I predict Styles vs. Magnus, maybe at Genesis, maybe at Lockdown.

    Side note: Styles's next international match is on Dec. 6th against Lionheart in the UK.
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