AJ Styles Rumored To Want To Join WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 4, 2015.

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  2. Extremely unlikely. AJ doesn't like the WWE road schedule, he likes having time off to spend with his family, which he has by doing New Japan and ROH. Not to mention that he makes good money working his current schedule and being his own boss.
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  3. AJ has been open about joining the WWE for quite sometime now. His first post-TNA interview he told Jericho that he sent Big Johnny a letter or message that he's leaving TNA, and if they want to negotiate something now would be the time. Obviously it didn't pan out, but it's not like he's dismissed WWE for it.

    His family is at the forefront of his thoughts and if WWE offered him good money, and a laid back schedule he'd go all in. I doubt he'd even turn down a Somoa Joe-esque deal to just be apart of NXT if the money was good.
  4. This is kinda old news.

    But yeah, I love him where he's at right now. Whether he does or does not come to WWE, it'll be perfectly fine with me.
  5. Don't go AJ.
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  6. So they can introduce him as Kalamity Karl and have him job to Big E?

    NJPW/ROH is a perfect fit for AJ. While it could be possible WWE would offer him good money, it's unlikely his legacy would benefit from it much.
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  7. I did some sleuthing. This can be debunked as 95% BS. This all stems from AJ's interview he did on Taz's podcast he did a while back, where he answered the question about going to WWE by saying "I'll go where I can get the best deal". Outside of that there are no rumblings about a bidding war about AJ, and if there was one WWE would most likely lose it as they did the bucks and Roddy. Since WWE doesn't like to adapt the money they offer in their deals, rather they offer "opportunities" to make it to the main roster. People are likely going to say "Samoa Joe got signed", but Samoa Joe doesn't need the money the same way. Joe has a non wrestling related venture that makes him money on the side. AJ as far as I can find, does not.
  8. Dang, that'd be another TNA accusition.
  9. He hasn't been in TNA for almost two years...

    Besides, a TV only schedule would be really interesting to see. Just Mondays and an occasional date on Sundays and Tuesdays. Would love to see AJ Styles in WWE, especially now since they understand the star power other stars have. Rather than erasing their legacy, they seem to be quite fond of bringing up their old days on the indies and in japan. Personally, I would love to see him in the WWE for a short stint as a mid-card act, honestly.
  10. My bad *former TNA accusition
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