AJ Styles shoot trailer

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  1. This looks like it'll be good.
  2. Posted this last night, but whatevs.

    Gonna be awesome to hear this out.
  3. BTW, just found this for whatever it's worth I guess

    - Within the last few weeks, some people in TNA have been under the impression that AJ Styles vs. Magnus will take place at the Lockdown pay-per-view in March. It’s possible that AJ could come back for one night. With that said, there are people that still believe AJ will end up returning full-time.

    Partial source: PWInsider
  4. AJ realizes that TNA sucks shit and they always will. I have a bit more respect for him after watching only the first 10-15 seconds of that.
  5. This sounds awesome. Just hope he didn't shit on the whole TNA roster, loljk.
  6. Sounds like it'll be something interesting to hear, especially since it's someone who was there from the start of the company. Just wish they didn't play the cheesy suspense music when he was talking.
  7. Chills A.J Styles straight up has been TNA's most loyal talents they ever had, but how man times can you give people the chance to burn you enough, to the point where you say fuck it I'm leaving I don't deserve this, the fans don't as well.I'm going to need to see the full interview!
  8. I've always been curious on some of the things that go on backstage in TNA, this ought to be a good interview.
  9. Well pumped for this.
  10. DVD w/ Bonus Disc available Jan 15th. Digital Download Available Jan 20th.

    Hopefully it'll be worth mah money.
  11. Btw, 1:28 - 1:42

    I wish he actually he did that. That date, 4/19/10, was an embarrassing day for TNA.
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