AJ Styles talks WWE, dream opponents, TNA "going down under", and more

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Feb 5, 2014.

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  2. Maybe Rey ten years ago but not this version of Rey
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  3. Who would want to face today's Rey? I think he ought to face Enzo Amore.
  4. I'd like to see AJ Styles go up against DB.
  5. Wonder what he thinks about MVP.
  6. I think if he did go to WWE. I could see WWE thinking he people already know him and stick him into awesome feuds. I would like to see him join and hold the WHC at least once and just have midcard storylines. Personal ones like the old WWE :emoji_cry:
  7. Not "going down under," just "going under." Sheesh, thought he was talking about TNA doing an Australian tour. Thanks a lot, Crayo.

    Anyway, it sucks that he doesn't even really know why they cut him loose. My guesses are the money and loyalty things he hit on, since obviously he doesn't suck. Also, obligatory :eww: for the thought of him wrestling Rey.
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  8. does TNA have a widespread Aussie fanbase?
  9. Hmm, good question. If they don't, they need one. We know Aussies love them some wrasslin'. Where's that Australian dude we have on the forum? He needs to chime in with how much they love TFA.
  10. @leojay or @Leo jay not sure since my phone doesn't fill it in for me
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  12. Fuck me; I'm at work so I can't even listen to it right now, yet the song is STILL stuck in my head now.
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  13. three way dance at wm xxx aj, sting, undertaker. yes i'm joking.
  14. They actually used to get a bit of attention here back in '09(?) because Impact used to air right after Raw, they both aired on our Cable's biggest channel. I believe in early '12/late '11 they were cancelled (and were continuously moved from timeslot to timeslot before that) from the network and didn't find its way back onto a channel for six months. It's on a relatively small channel now.

    Wrestling in general isn't too big over here these days though, WWE can barely draw crowds outside of Melbourne and there's barely any merchandise in any stores. They're still probably the biggest thing on cable TV over here though, but that's mostly because everything is reruns and we don't get other American TV Shows until six months after they air. We do get NXT though, take that yanks~!
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