News AJ Styles turns down TNA HOF induction

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jun 3, 2015.

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  2. I don't even know why they created a HOF. Should have done it 15-25 years in, not 10.
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  3. TNA already having their own Hall Of Fame is one of the most bush league things they've ever done.
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  4. Who wants to starta betting pool on who goes in instead?

    Anderson? Hardy? Claire Lynch? Borash? Bob Ryder's pedophile mustache?
  5. PLEASE. Lets be realistic here.
    Probably Mike Tenay.
  6. Dixie Carter!

    In honesty. I have no idea, with Jarrett & AJ gone none of teh obvious HOFers for TNA are left. Maybe Gail Kim considering the amount of work she put into the knockouts.
  7. Gail Kim and Jerry Jarrett pop to mind.
  8. Earl Hebner?
  9. Oh, yeah. Earl Hebner, definitely.
  10. TNA is a poison and the industry would be way better off them. They contributed to the industry with literally nothing.
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  11. lol w/e
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  12. They should induct Vince Russo.
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  13. And :bischoff:
  14. TNA is literally the most pathetic promotion ever, with the most delusional fanbase ever. I swear a god Dave Meltzer should be insanely careful when walking down the street these days.
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  15. AJ was probably thinking.
    He would basically be accepting an award that means nothing and get a payday the year after his match.
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  16. @Testify my brother! For TNA haters, a few of you find this section quite a bit recently. I agree though, it's a joke, Gail Kim or no one.
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  17. I don't know why, but yes, a Gail Kim induction would make me mark. Wtf.
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  18. - AJ Styles has confirmed on Twitter that he recently turned down a deal to return to TNA as we've been reporting on. A fan on Twitter asked if AJ really hates TNA that bad, referring to why he wouldn't return. AJ replied with the following:

    Good to see that AJ handled it like a pro when the questions started piling in
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  19. The TNA Hall of Fame always seemed to me like something Dixie created specifically to snub Jeff Jarrett. I mean, other than announcing the person at Slammiversary and calling them a Hall of Famer, there's nothing else to it. It was created around the time she was limiting what he did on screen and basically trying to erase him from the company. And then to not only add Sting and Kurt Angle (Angle himself said Jarrett should have been inducted before him and considering their history, that is quite the comment) instead of Jarrett and Styles took away any ounce of credibility this "Hall of Fame" could have had. Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles are the two who gave the most to TNA in its fledgling days and should have been the first two in.

    If AJ's declination is because of conflicts with NJPW, then that's understandable. I'd like to think it's on principle as well.
  20. "y u h8 us m8? we da numba 2 world wide m8, y u @ indies m8, cum back AJ, to big leagues"
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