News AJ Styles Wants Long-Term Build for Nakamura Match

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Jul 24, 2013
While appearing on the Edge & Christian podcast, AJ Styles mentioned that he wants his rematch in the United States against Nakamura to be really big. Styles said that he stressed to Vince McMahon on how important it was that his next match with Nakamura is not just a match on a pay-per-view show.

Styles said that he wants a long-term build with Nakamura that is stretched out with as many teases as possible. He wants to give the fans the biggest match possible when the right time comes. In regards to their tease at during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Styles said that he pushed for this spot as step one of the build.

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King Of Armageddon

It's Dark Out Here...
Jul 16, 2017
Smart move by AJ Styles, they do deserve a long-term feud especially for a few Wrestlemania down the line.