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  1. Would you like AJ to turn heel at TLC?
  2. I'd like her to go away or atleast just stick to wrestling.
  3. No, I just want her to be used as a diva ffs.
  4. I want her to retire and work as a pornstar ffs.....:cry::cry:
  5. haha wtf
  6. I want her to be a fully-active wrestler, or at least not get booked in boring/annoying roles.
  7. Yes dude, you read it right....

    I'm sick of imagining whats under her shirts and jeans..:upset:

    I want to actually see it ffs....
  8. There have been loads of rumours saying AJ is gonna screw Cena and turn heel and get with Dolph I hope this happens I would mark out
  9. She just turned face IIRC, right?
  10. Oh hell no, just let her get back to competing full time. But her and Eve in the god damn feud and also Let Kaitlyn feud with Askana.
  11. Then u gotta check out wweanonymouscam hahaha :pity:
  12. Hell no!! Just let the girl wrestle full time. Something that she should be doing in the first place.
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