AJ to be removed soon?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. With all that happened on RAW, we've yet to discuss AJ's position. There was several hints during the show that the "board of directory" are uneasy about her position as GM now and they hinted the possible removal. I am overjoyed at the idea personally, but I'm unsure how it will play out.

    What'cha think noobs?
  2. I think WWE finally realized that people are getting bored with the psycho AJ and her skipping like a child. Even a little kid would be embarrassed to watch that.

    I also think the new GM is coming soon and it might be Vickie. That'd mean she would have to drop Ziggler which we're all waiting for. We got two face GMs and it sucks. I hope it won't be Teddy.
  3. All this" people in power" role shuffling.... Make it stop!
  4. :hmm:

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  5. Maybe AJ will get sectioned like Daniel Bryan was gonna do at the wedding where he was spotted with those guys in white coats
  6. I doubt Vickie would get it. I'm a fan of hers but she is so annoying. I'm thinking maybe Heyman or something.
  7. Yes, I believe she'll soon be removed, the storyline will probably lead to that based on what happened until now.
  8. I like her role, but I think it will stop soon.

    To have, as your heel GM......

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  9. That'd be nice. :obama:
  10. Paul Heyman to take over please
  11. :hmm: Don't know who it'll be, but she is going. The only two people who I see it going to be is Heyman and Vickie. Maybe Big Johnny, but I don't see Teddy taking it :yes:
  12. Forgot about Johnny, I thought he was returning soon? :hmm:
  13. Maybe :hmm: He is doing a lot of house shows...
  14. It's possible.
  15. I think it'd be interesting to have Heyman GM... It would actually work out quite nicely, imagine the possibilities. With Punk's association to Heyman, it would certainly help him gain the "respect" he seems to be looking for as Heyman would no doubt try and make unbalanced matches and stipulations always in Punk's favor. This would also open the door to further Lesnar domination and a Heyman/Punk/Lesnar stable.
    I'd like to see what WWE would do with this leading up to WM29 and The Rock's return at RR.
    Personally I'd still like to see a Rock/Brock (especially if Rock wins title from Punk, which is probably very likely since that was his entire "goal" this year after beating Cena) or 'Taker/Brock WM match.
  16. FOLEY PEOPLE, FOLEY. get rid of her, give it a couple weeks, then bring Good old JR, Foley, or HHH after he gets destroyed by lesnar (if WM is cloose to how long she lasts)
  17. i was about to say foley, damn you aids. Regal could be cool too as GM. I wouldnt be opposed to getting rid of the GM altogether however
  18. I thought too.
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