AJ/Vickie Storyline

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. So, after watching Tonight's raw, my question to everyone is...
    Is it just me or are they teasing that vickie is leaving soon? I mean think about it, with all happen tonight with the board saying AJ can't lay a hand on any officials again and everything. However,even though thats been said,that doesn't stop AJ from 'firing" her.
    What is your prediction of the outcome and do you agree or Disagree with my theory?
  2. I believe Vickie Guerrero is a Smackdown employee as she's the manager of Dolph Ziggler who is a Smackdown superstar therefore Booker T would have to fire her.
  3. oh yeah, my bad. Crap, I forgot all about her being a smackdown employee. someone go ahead and delete this thread.
  4. True, and it doesn't look like Booker is going to fire her since he agrees AJ is acting like a pretty bad General Manager.
  5. I think the whole point of the Vickie-AJ storyline is for AJ to be seen as not having control over the wrestlers, just so WWE can bring in the guy who can control the wrestlers...John Laurinaitis.

  6. Id love for her to blow up, DZ drops her, and she loses face after being crushed by AJ. Then, new feud, and hopefully AJ goes back to where she belongs, diva midcard (which is almost never on tv)
  7. I'm quite sure it'll lead to Dolph dropping Vickie.
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