AJ Wardrobe Malfunction?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. I don't see a thing, anyone?
  2. I see her shirt has been rolled up, revealing some bra. Not a biggie considering normal diva outfits and nothing nude was shown.
  3. lol she really loves the attention, doesn't she? :dawg:
  4. Nice to see Nat was on TV though.
  5. Yeah, nothing too big. Irrelevant imo.
  6. Oh wow, a bra!
  7. Yeah I get the feeling Smackdown is gonna show us some tit if it popped out.
  8. I think her boob area must of been shown well it isnt the first time this has happened so AJ should be proud to of had a wardrobe malfunction
  9. Boob area...Are you a woman? You should know what it is called.
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  10. :lol1:

    Anyway, I agree with Stop's earlier post and deth's. That's the only thing I see based on that pic, so no biggie. She seems to just want even more attention and maybe thinks she'll help SD draw more viewers by teasing a wardrobe malfunction, who knows. Besides, with it being taped, I would think if anything actually significant were to happen where her nipple was exposed, etc., they would edit it out.
  11. Shame AJ has no boobs anyways. Maybe she's teasing at a DZ malfunction? Hence her excitement.
  12. I don't see anything but who knows what it is that she's really referring to.
  13. 1) If anything was exposed, it would be edited out.
    2) The 'malfunction' is just the top coming up showing her bra. I know, great :rollseyes:
  14. Cheap way to get higher ratings
  15. She looks like a tween with a boy's face.
    Nothing to get all that excited about to begin with.
  16. Slut gimmick ftl.

  18. I came here to see nip slips and pussies.

    I am dissapoint :sad1:
  19. [​IMG]

    Her top is rolled underneath itself for most of the match. Not edited out.
  20. Much better pic, I guess she's not lying, it is a malfunction. Not what I was expecting though :sad:
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