AJ was a nobody, Kelly Kelly was THE company girl!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Ok so from watching AJ shoot on the total divas cast on Raw I would like to point out something AJ was a nobody and Kelly Kelly was THE company girl thats a fact. Lets go back in time 2010 Kelly Kelly was in huge storyline with Laycool on Smackdown while AJ only first appeared on NXT 3 and then after that finished she disappeared for a while. 2011 Kelly Kelly was divas champion and where was AJ nowhere to be seen. 2012 Kelly Kelly was in a huge divas match at Wrestlemania 28 and where was AJ oh yeah screwing over Daniel Bryan in an 18 second match which is laughable as Kelly kelly got way more ring time than AJ on the grandest stage of them all. And if Kelly Kelly hadent of left WWE in September 2012 she would still be THE company girl and AJ would be nowhere to be seen. So AJ acting like she saved the divas divison and that no one can touch her is laughable get the fuck off my tv you midget and clearly Kelly Kelly could beat your ass and other of those divas could beat your ass aswell.

    And thats me laying down my pipebomb which is the truth just go back in time and watch old you tube clips you will see for yourself that Kelly Kelly was the focus and AJ wasent
  2. Your pipebomb is full of shit.

    As AJ said in here promo, Kelly SUCKED her way to the top. Kelly Kelly was in some stupid celebrity match so fucking what, Major storyline? HA! James Vs LayCool was better and bigger same with AJ Vs Kaitlyn because unlike Kelly Kelly AJ, Kaitlyn, Layla and Michelle McCool can put on good matches.
  3. Pretty sure AJ's Wrestlemania moment will come since she's like 21 and WWE seem intent on sorting out the Divas division from the state it has been.
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  4. And one of the reasons the Divas Division is where it is is Slutty Whorey who would only go into the ring because the mat looked like cum.
  5. Would you please SHUT THE HELL UP!!

    Every single time you come to these forums and post a bunch of useless garbage nobody cares about. No one cares about "your man" Brock Lesnar, no one cares about slutty kelly. Kelly Kelly absolutely sucks. A matter of fact, but she sucks in two ways. She has no ring skills, no mic skills, and she was only over for being a stripping whore on ECW. AJ has talent, and Kelly will be remembered as the company swallower. Please, for the love of god, just stop spewing this heaping pile of garbage because your making this forum and this world look bad. Everytime I read one of your posts, I lose brain cells. When I am on the home page, and I see a ridiculous title you are the first person I guess that made it and usually I'm correct. I'm not telling you to go, I'm telling you to stop being a pain in the ass. AJ has been with the top stars of the company for most of her career, and Kelly hadn't done that even with the amount of sucking she did to get where she was in the company. AJ was screwing Daniel Bryan at Mania 28, but I bet Kelly was literally screwing every guy in the back at Mania 28.
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  7. Kelly Kelly was the company bicycle.
  8. Quote from a former announcer:
  9. Back to the topic. It's obviously flawed. AJ is what, 21, 22? As previously mentioned, her moment is coming.

    When Kelly was Divas champ, nobody cared about the Divas. Kelly couldn't wrestle for shit. AJ on the other hand, actually has a good move set, a fucking gimmick, and good mic skills. AJ is reviving a dead division, a division dead because of your idol Kelly.
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  11. *grabs a chair and prepares to watch this thread shift into overdrive*
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  12. OP is a legend.
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  13. Oh how I adore your keyfabe fuelled threads
  14. I heard you look like Kelly Kelly,can I get your number?
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  15. Kelly SUCKS bro
  16. BLFFL is just mad because she's the only female who likes Total Divas, lol
  17. First of all, Kelly Kelly is a complete has-been and it's time you moved on. She's not with the company anymore and there are other female wrestlers on the roster that have their time to shine.

    Also, do you have any comprehension of what a storyline is? AJ plays a heel character and she killed it in that promo. The fact that gullable WWE fans like yourself are pissed off at her for her promo proves how great it was. WWE is a television show with athletes playing characters for a reason. In order to sell her character and her persona as being above and beyond Total Divas and other Divas on the roster, that promo was necessary. The fact that you're pissed off at AJ for her promo is hilarious.

    Finally, whether you like it or not, AJ is the most over Diva on the roster. She's had a massive push for over a year now and has brought attention back to the Divas division. She's worked with the WWE's top male wrestlers (Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler) and has still managed to make an impact all on her own. Now she's the Divas Champion and breathing life back into a division that has been lackluster at best. She has her own merchandise, and like it or not, she's marketable and the company seems to love her. She's talented on the mic, has been performing better over time in the ring, and has really been coming into her own as a heel character. She's worked hard to get to where she is and deserves the success she's been given. Get off of Kelly Kelly's tits for two seconds and start giving credit where credit is due.
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