AJ/Ziggler/Big E

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Dec 22, 2012.

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  1. Where is this angle going? Dolph seems to be on the verge of the main event, and we all expected him to go solo after finally ditching Vickie but now he's with AJ who's his girlfriend and Big E playing the role of a bodyguard. What's going to happen? How long will it last? Will this affect Dolph's push somehow? Discuss.
  2. It'll end with Big E beating Zigs for the world title I reckon..
  3. It's going...

    ..to drive me fucking insane. Get all of these half ass talents away from Ziggler goddammit
  4. Re: RE: AJ/Ziggler/Big E

    DZ is too good for his own good nowadays, they'll make him carry these idiots around and abuse him even more now. He's the next Jericho / pre shoot Punk in that respect.
  5. Big E will be the beast that takes out Show for Ziggler so he can cash in. Then he will drop them like weights and run far far away hopefully.
  6. I used to say that about his matches.. that he was too talented and made anyone look good so he was just jobbed out. Now he is actually winning matches over top guys.

    So let's hope he can eventually go completely solo. Give AJ/Langston to someone who isn't on the verge of becoming a permanent main eventer. They are doing nothing but holding him back.

    Even though in truth

    Show Spoiler

    Deez niggas can't hold Dolph back
  7. Big E to take out Show, Ziggler becomes champ, Show vs Big E so we don't have to see any more Show matches for the title, this could be a blessing for Ziggler marks.
  8. There are plenty of ways for Show to be taken out without placing a 290 lb anchor around Dolph's neck.
  9. Suppose they could have Show beat Sheamus again, Sheamus kicks Show, Dolph cashes in and Show gets mad at Sheamus for it, but do they want to continue that feud over 4 PPV's? There aren't many other alternatives to have Show lose without him feuding with Dolph afterwards is there?
    *Clap clap clap clap clap*
  11. You want ANOTHER Henry vs Show feud?
  12. Re: RE: AJ/Ziggler/Big E

    Skipping two matches beats skipping one.
  13. I'm so against Henry returning as a face as I don't trust WWE to book him properly. He'll be the Mark Henry of 2 years ago before we know it. *puke*
  14. Just saying if an angry black man is going to beat Show's ass I just as soon it be Henry and Big E langston can shove himself back into his mom's asshole for all I care
  15. I'd call Ohno up and have him knock show out for a few PPV'S, setting him up as a bad ass FACE. Say he wanted to take on the best to prove himself.
  16. Vanilla midgets can't take out giants bro. Get real
  17. Big E taking out Show and then wrestling him in a match? They're both heels...
  18. I wish the WWE had the balls to do a heel vs heel fued/match these days (obviously not containing either of those two)
  19. It's unfortunate that it's hard to get people emotionally invested in heel/heel feuds. They do seem to work (for some reason) when two guys are fighting over a woman, like Rick Martel-Shawn Michaels fighting over Sherri in 1992, or Triple H/Kurt Angle over Stephanie in 2000. The only exception I can think of is Bret/HBK leading up to Survivor Series 1997, but that was about the time they were going into full blown Attitude Era mode, where there was more of a grey area to things anyway...
  20. People be talking bout Henry coming back as a face doe.

    They don't even have to feud, Henry can just cost him the title because Show was the last guy he was feuding with before his injury.

    He comes back, costs him the title, cuts a promo saying he is done w/ Show now and that he just wanted to cost him his title like show cost him a year of his career
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