Al Blizzard/Blackjack

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    Name: Al Blizzard
    Weight/Height: 6 foot 6, 254 pounds
    Home Town: London, England
    Representation: Seth Rollins

    Style Of Wrestling: Technical
    Attire: Seen In Entrance.
    Gimmick: When he was 6 years old a Blizzard swept away his holiday home in Canada and he also got swept away. He was trapped under the rubble for 3-4 hours until he was found by the fire brigade. His father sadly died but everyone else survived and ever since then he has been traumatised by the experience. Thus he dons the last name Blizzard.

    Disposition: Heel

    Entrance Theme:

    Entrance Actions:

    Finishing Move: Al Cutter (Fireman's carry cutter)
    Signature Moves: Spine Killer (Backstabber), Tribute to The Steel (Small Package Driver/God's Last Gift)

    Submission Holds: Koji Clutch, Sharpshooter, Figure 4, Kneebar, Boston Crab, Guillotine Choke

    Attacks: Back Spin Kicks, Head Kicks, Muay Thai Strikes, Boxing Punches, Forearms, Uppercuts, Chick Kick, Running Knee, Shining Wizard, Dropkick.

    Throws: Arm Drag, Suplex, Butterfly Backbreaker, Arm Trap Neckbreaker, DDT, Gutwrench Suplex, Last Ride Sit Out Powerbomb, Scoop Slam, Leg Drop, Elbow Drop, Snap Powerslam, Lumbar Check, Hammerlock Lariat, Overhead Belly to Belly, German Suplex, Sling Blade, Multiple Powerbombs (Finishes with the sit out last ride), Emerald Fusion, Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker.

    Aerial: Frog Splash, Swanton (most notable move of his), Uso Splash, Moonsault, Elbow Drop.

    OMG's (Added): Tope Con Hilo, Suicide Dive, Apron Powerbomb (Most Common), Al Cutter through the announcing table.

    Championships Held: None
    Past Feds: NGW but that can't link *sadness*

    Alter Ego

    Name: BlackJack
    Nicknames: The Psycho King
    Weight/Height: 6 foot 6, 254 pounds
    Home Town: The House
    Representation: Drago

    Style Of Wrestling: Power
    Attire: Black (Kane 2002 Mask) Mask w/ Red Stitches.

    Gimmick: After the Blizzard that killed his Father Al Blizzard became likely depressed and slightly insane. This came to a point where he would go out at night and not re-appear for days, one day he came back tattered. This is Blackjacks' origins.

    Disposition: Heel

    Entrance Theme:

    Entrance Actions: As the music hits the lights dim until it is pitch black and as the song picks up a spotlight gradually fades in and on the start of the lyrics BlackJack walks out slowly in a creepy manner. On his way down the ramp he waves at kids with a large smirk on his face with beaming eyes. As he gets to the bottom of the ramp he stops and looks around a little but then slides into the ring and stands to attention still until the lights come back on and the music fades away.

    Finishing Move: Full House (Chicken Wing Gutbuster)
    Signature Moves: Royal Flush (Clothes line From Hell), Top Rope Superplex into Powerbomb

    Submission Holds: Sleeper Hold, Boston Crab, Guillotine Choke, Choke Hold.

    Attacks: Punches, Forearms, Elbows, Euro Uppercuts, Running Knee, Gut Kicks, Leg Kicks, Ground Stomps to Limbs, Dropkicks.

    Throws: Arm Drag, Suplex, DDT, Gutwrench Suplex, Scoop Slam, Leg Drop, Elbow Drop, Snap Powerslam, Overhead Belly to Belly, German Suplex, Powerbomb, Emerald Fusion, Falcon Arrow.

    Aerial: Uso Splash, Elbow Drop.
    OMG's Chicken Wing Gutbuster onto Apron, Suicide Dive (Specifically Luke Harpers').

    Championships Held: None
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