Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez

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  1. I hope Ricardo will turn face by attacking Del Rio soon. Alberto should never be a face though.
  2. Aww Ricardo, I love the guy. Though can he wrestle full time and be a face? Don't mind though, have immense respect for the guy when he took that massive bump last night.
  3. Don't expect either of them to be of any relevance within 6 months.
    Several high-ranking WWE officials are dissapointed in Del Rio because he doesn't generate enough heat to be the main heel of RAW, the bigger show, hence why they brought The Miz into the WWE title picture.

    But if reports are true, Jericho is returning on 2/1/12 and going into a feud with CM Punk for the WWE title into WM. Now THAT is a match I want to see.


    I know right, it was effin' crazy!
    For PG, that was some insane shit.
  4. Not surprised they're not happy. Del Rio has been pushed to the moon. MITB, Royal Rumble, 2 title reigns, not enough heat. His gimmick is bad though, no one cares about this destiny bullshit. He's decent on the mic, charismatic and a great worker so I hope they just freshen him up.

    And yeah, Punk took quite a big bump aswell into the table. Did you see the one at MITB I think, when ADR went from the top of the ladder in the middle of the ring to 2 tables outside the other end, it was insane, much like Ricardo's. When superstars do that, I can't help but just become marks. I suppose you miss those sort of spots.
  5. I never understood why he won the Rumble, then won MiTB, THEN won a #1 contenders match on RAW for the title, I mean WTF? Do these people have no logic? You don't make someone the #1 contender if they already have the briefcase...

    You mean uh, this? :emoji_grin: TLC 2010
  6. Yeah that's the one, that was absolutely crazy. And basically because they were pushing him to the moon. Instead of developing his character, they thought making him win everything will get him boo's. Did that work? Lol no.

    Awesome, many people do now. He gets massive amounts of cheers doesn't he :emoji_slight_smile:.
  7. Sheamus is a tank. :emoji_wink:
  8. Alberto should never be a face? He is actually a great babyface imo and portrayed one for the majority of time in Mexico. Either give him his mask back and let him be Dos Caras JR or the Alberto character wouldn't even need much of a revamp to work. Just have him attack heels basically. The kids will love him a guy who comes down in flash cars every week, let him get the best of people on the mic and let him utilize he full move set.