Alberto Del Rio disliked by some of his colleagues ..(READ)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. He's such a disrespecting faggot and should be talked to for this dumb behavior on interviews regarding Miz and what he also does backstage.

  2. As much as i hate Del Rio for having limited talents, i cant agree with you. Hes behavious is dumb and disrespectful because he likes to speak his mind?
    That sounds totally idiotic to me.

  3. Well if I said in an interview that I want to punch and fight my colleague I would definitely get fired or something would have happened.

    So i give you a 'Yes' to your question, his 'behavious' is dumb.
  4. Miz is a pussy, and ADR is the man. He doesn't like the scrubs backstage, I doubt he cares if they like him. He is going to be a 10 time WWE Champion, deal with it.
  5. ADR > The Miz anyday.
    Alberto is right.
    The Miz is one of those people who got bullied in school so now he's 'made it' he cries out for attention. ADR was spot on with that.

    ADR won't get fired for that, not at all.
    If anything, a verbal warning and a fine. I've been hearing reports that it was planned by WWE anyway, so nothing will happen. You would have heard about it by now.
  6. Oops posted the same thing without reading this.

    Those who say ADR > Miz are laughable and makes me realise why Vince is the one who should be in charge.
  7. Del Rio shits on Miz in every facet of life and being a professional wrestler


    don't give a fuck

    Miz will be lucky to ever get another World Title reign, meanwhile ADR will be a 10+ time champion
  8. ADR gets no heat. Miz draws. Miz can speak. Miz can sell a PPV. Miz owns media.

    ADR can wrestle.

    That's the argument. Wrestling doesn't matter hardly at all in modern day sports entertainment, so Miz > ADR every day of the week. Vince clearly feels the same too.
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  9. Miz can speak? Didn't sound like it Monday night. What PPV has Miz ever sold? WWE blames him for piss poor buy rates last I heard.

    Vince loved him, and now he doesn't. You may as well get off the bandwagon now because his heyday is over. ADR on the other hand is still Vince's favorite
  10. Miz was blamed for the terrible SS buyrates Crayo.
    Also, Miz doesn't garnish that much heat. ADR in the prime of his feud last year gained much more.
  11. Vince hates JR cause he's a mark, who's fat and quit his office job in Connecticut

    Vince didn't respect Morrison b/c he couldn't keep his woman in line

    So Vince is supposed to reprimand a guy for being bad a** back stage? Keep in mind none of his happened in in public (HBK)

    I admit, ADR, has little concept of American etiquette. He's new to this country, he has learning to do, but his upside is too big
  12. I could care less about either one of them. But ADR's comments make him sound like a complete tool. And if we wanna compare them, I do recall Miz in the main event of Wrestlemania last year while ADR - winner of the 40-man Royal Rumble - was in the opening match of the card (the first time a world title match was the opening match of a WM.)
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  13. It's all one big meh... You can't blame Del Rio for being douche, he knows that, in order to achieve something big, you gotta play politics, you gotta kiss the right ass. The fact that he's not over with fans at all and they still keep pushing him tells you he can play politics very well. I can totally see both The Miz and Del Bore not being liked backstage.

    With that being said, I dislike them both, they can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned.
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  14. I've always heard that Miz is a really polite person, I doubt he's a JBL type wrestler who hazes others, or mocks them for their position. The most common comments I've read by wrestlers is that Miz is "annoying", his voice for example. I smell jealousy.

    ADR just sounds like a douche.
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  15. Your Miz love knows no bounds
  16. Took the words out of my mouth.
  17. No one comes up with counter-arguments any more? I'm glad you both accept defeat.

    Jonathan, you dislike some superstars because what their kayfabe heel characters do, so I don't think you can act condescending towards me lmao. I like similar superstars to Dolph so I'm actually interested in a proper reply from him.
  18. I just laugh that you chalk up people's hate of the Miz to 'his voice'

    really? really?

    From what I've gathered on the Miz hate he is an arrogant asshole (too similar to his on screen persona), has an annoying personality (not just voice), and they deem him unworthy of being in the position he is in. Oh and ADR thinks he is a pussy, which he is compared to every other guy in the back
  19. "From what I've gathered", don't post horse shit. I'll translate it for you - "From what I've just made up [...]", my source on "Miz is a good guy" is legitimate fans who have met him in person. I spoke to this one fan who went to an after party hosted by CM Punk himself (it had booze but Punk never drunk any) and Miz was apparently with the fans most of the night speaking to them as if they're his friends.

    Cena himself has said Miz is one of the nicest guys in the back. Please, post some reason behind your posts. John Morrison has said multiple times Miz is annoying due to his voice. Some may see him as unfit for the position he's in, blatant jealousy. Obviously the only man who matters (Vince) sees that he has a lot of potential and due to the fact the crowd care about him (Unlike Morrison and ADR) I'm guessing they prefer him too.

    Ignorant haters I can't stand, I don't care for those who have legitimate reasons to hate, everyone has the right to an opinion.
  20. How you act to fans =/= how you act in the back

    What I've gathered is ignorant horse shit? whatever man, I'm done talking to you about Miz, you refuse to hear anything that doesn't fit into your 'MIZ IS AWESOME' rhetoric
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