Alberto Del Rio expected to return soon!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Asskicker, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Alberto Del Rio is currently being advertised for this weekend's house show events in California. Most likely going to return to TV this Monday. What do you guys think is next for ADR and what do you see ADR doing at Wrestlemania?
  2. He'll be in the MITB match I'm guessing - unless he's given a feud with Rey Mysterio or something. I'm excited to see him, not excited to see his gimmick.
  3. Well Vince wanted ADR to take time off to refresh his character so I'm excited for this new character. He was told to be more aggressive so I can maybe see him in a match with Randy since Randy is more than likely going to have a match at WM and Randy always wanted to face him so yeah.
  4. He was injured? That's why he had time-off. I don't see him feuding with Orton whilst he's busy with Barrett.
  5. True but yeah he was injured but Vince also wanted him to refresh his character a little bit so thats most likely why he didn't return at the Rumble
  6. I doubt he'll get time off for that.
  7. If that's the case, I surely do hope he's got a more interesting gimmick coming back, as the last one terribly repetitive.
  8. Re: RE: Alberto Del Rio expected to return soon!

    Same here. Would be nice to see a new side of him.
  9. Keep his gimmick, turn him face. Team him with Rey Mysterio.

    Coming out in sick cars doesn't get you heat as seabs said.
  10. Yeah I guess it would be better for him to be face. He's got the natural ability and look for one too!
  11. What else do they do with boring guys? Ask Randy Orton
  12. His gimmick isnt the only thing thats bad.

    I hate that guy as a wrestler. Hes, besides Miz, the worst wrestler in the roster who isnt a jobber. Hes overrated. I dont see how anyone likes him. He barely knows a few moveset. And having an arm breaker and an arm submission as ur finishing move doesnt help his coz.
    When hes in the ring i can almost always predict what move hes gonna do next.
  13. If he comes back with a different finisher and more lines to say, this is great news!
  14. Pretty much every post you've made insults Miz, it's quite funny. Anyway, ADR is one of the worst wrestlers? Nice. He's one of the most talented technical wrestlers in WWE so...?
  15. Pretty much every post i have made insults Miz, and rightfully so. Hes the one getting all the heat backstage atm from Tripple H and the board of directors and right fully so. I guess they finally realized that giving him a push was a horrible decision.

    What makes u think ADR is one of the most talented technical wrestlers in WWE? Please give me a list of moves he uses to proove that he indeed is a talented technical wrestler.

  16. Enjoy.
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  17. Thank you.

    Miz got shouted at once so suddenly the board of directors and everyone backstage hates Miz, lmao.
  18. NP. I just hope he know's Dos Cara JR is ADR, otherwise it will be pretty awkward.
  19. I hope he does return. I wanna see if Ricardo will still be his announcer or not and what's gonna happen between those two.
  20. Ricardo is basically face, every smark loves him. Lol.
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