News Alberto Del Rio Released (Fired)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nero_x3, Aug 7, 2014.

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  1. As announced on, Alberto Del Rio was released (fired) for unprofessional conduct and a fight with an employee. Thoughts?
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  2. What the fuck?
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  3. Wow. Bye. Good riddance to that sh*** f***.
    His gimmick was too good for him.
  4. :adr:
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  5. No word on whether or not the fight was physical or not, but it had to be a higher up I imagine.
  6. DESTINY :adr:

    Good riddance then. Best of luck to him back down under in Mehico.
  7. Who cares, honestly.
    If that was enough, its fitting he's gone.
  8. True. I'm just very curious who he aggravated. If it was Kevin Dunn, then god bless Del Rio.
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  9. That's odd. But yeah, bye. Good hand, nothing more
  10. Sig worthy.
    If true, I'd hope HHH gave him a nice severance and a pat on the back on the way out.
    He**, if true, he'd deserve applause and a standing O from the boys in the back.
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  11. [​IMG]

    R.I.P in pieces
  12. Fuck I loved Del Rio a lot. Since his debut, super talented dude. I didn't know many Del Rio fans here other than myself and I think homeboy D'Z but this truly depresses me.
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  13. Fuck him, they fired the timekeeper, ffs.

    Good wrestler, sometimes even great, IIRC, but not very attractive in terms of charisma or emotional engagement. Never understood what people saw in his character.
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  14. Good take. WWE should have done their homework before giving a golden gimmick to a tool like Del Rio.
    I don't know about super talented. I liked Del Rio. I wrote a an article about him. He's the very definition of being a complete tool, though
  15. I hated Del Rio's character. His latest WHC run was probably the most boring reign I've seen in a long time. Whenever he walked down the ramp, I was tempted to turn off the TV.
    However, many of the matches he put on were actually pretty great. Nothing spectacular, but looking back, many of his kicks made me cringe because of his physical wrestling style. I can't say I'll miss him, but I'll miss watching him kick the spit out of someone.
  16. His suplex from the top rope was gruesome.
  17. Somewhere, if you listen closely @Dolph'sZiggler has shed a single tear.
  18. Already posted.
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