News Spoiler Alberto Del Rio Returns to WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Oct 25, 2015.

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  1. Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE tonight at Hell in a Cell defeating John Cena for the US title. He was released due to misconduct in the summer of last year. He is still currently AAA Mega Champion and was recently signed to appear on Lucha Underground.
  2. Boring guy.
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  3. Should have seen this coming with the last minute change... WWE = The Predictibles
  4. What last minute change?
  5. Cena and Ziggler were suposta fight were they not?
  6. Never announced. Was mostly just pure speculation and rumors.
  7. Ah well, egg on my face. lol
  8. He's boring but with splashes of awesomeness. Really hit his tone down in Mexico. Really a big loss for them.

    Especially for AAA, who recently lost Mysteziz (Sin Cara) and his brothers. Now this. Really only leaves Mysterio for the title.
  9. I wonder if WWE has a deal with AAA. ADR can work some AAA/LU, but WWE is his priority?

    As to the OP, this is great news. I was always a fan of ADR's (and still am) and I'm glad to see him back on the big show.

  10. He can wrestle. I'll give him that.
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  11. Dorito's original run was awful, but I wonder how much of that was that he must have had at least 100 matches against Sheamus or Ziggler?
  12. That would've been soooooooooooooooooo much better.
  13. Morrision and Del Rio, two guys who had extremely lackluster runs while with the WWE, had a tremendous feud earlier this year. I don't doubt that Del Rio can be entertaining as hell, it's just up to how they book him this time around.
  14. It would have been better if Cena just didn't show up. Talk about a shocker.
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  15. Damn now I want Doritos...
  16. El Patrón! El Patrón! El Patrón!

    Well, there goes my prediction of "I don't see him back anytime soon." lol

    This is really interesting, given he's commited to other promotions, as well...

    Book him well this time, WWE!
  17. He's boring. He's always been boring and always will... It's funny how all your opinions change just because he takes a year off. Tomorrow his return will be forgotten about.
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  18. Wasn't it Big Show he fought in a LMS at a Royal Rumble, or was it Ryback? Either way it was really good, bar the duct tape ending.
  19. If that was true, how would he even make room for AAA and LU in his calender? WWE runs 5 days a week and I do not think Vince sees ADR as a big enough name to be allowed to miss dates on the regular/work a smaller schedule.
  20. Glad to see others know how boring he is
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