Alberto Del Rio Speaks on The Miz: "I Really Dislike That Guy"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Injured WWE star Alberto Del Rio appeared on 95.7 "The Game" this morning to promote his return to action at WWE house show events in California.

    Del Rio spoke on a number of topics, including his injury and return to the ring against Sheamus at this weekend's events. When asked about how well he gets along with other wrestlers in the locker room, Del Rio had the following to say:

    "To be honest, I don't like most of the guys," Del Rio chuckled. "I hate The Miz. This is not part of the show. I really dislike that guy. I've tried to punch him in the face several times, not in the ring, I mean outside the ring. He's like a little girl. He's always running away from me...

    There's a big difference between The Miz and I," Del Rio said. "I'm a real athlete. He's just a loud, stupid little kid. He's one of those guys who was probably bullied when he was in school and that's the reason now that he's so loud and he wants to get attention from everybody."

    Source: wrestlezone

    My thoughts: What the fuck is this. Everyone's against The Miz.
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  2. It's impossible to tell if these guys are in character or not when they are working for the company at the time, but this seems legit. I don't know of too many guys who like Miz backstage. Del Rio is a badass, so I believe that he views Miz as a punk kid.
  3. But Del Rio is awful at cutting promo's in my opinion - that's not the point. Anyways, I don't like the fact that they've all decided to single out The Miz.
  4. Shoot, if ADR Returns and Miz gets even MORE heat than I could expect reports about a backstage real life fight between the Miz n ADR
  5. I mean.. if he is like they say I probably wouldn't like him either. Idk what Del Rio's promos have to do with anything lol
  6. Alberto's hating because he's not a bigger heel than The Miz :troll:.

    I don't think he's like that and I don't know myself, I just threw it in there.
  7. Whether he is or isn't it seems to me Miz better be nice to Mr. Del Rio because if it ever came down to a fight between the two Miz would be on his way to the hospital in a matter of seconds
  8. Alberto does seem serious, however I don't see what The Miz could have done to provoke him.
  9. Why would he say such things about the Miz on a radio show?

    First, people hated Miz....there was a time when nobody would say that... now its open season again.

    My guess, backstage he's always been a joke but Vince took a liking to him, then HHH bagged him

    The R-Truth blown spot opened the floodgates for guys to say how they really feel about Miz
  10. How people think this is real baffles me.

    No one likes him? Cena tweeted during his feud with Miz that no one works harder than him in WWE.
  11. I don't care what others say in terms of wrestlers. The Miz is great on the mic, he's a maineventer, he's Mainevented WrestleMania, Money in the Bank winner, 1 time WWE Champion, US Champion and so on. He's AWESOME.
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  12. Most of this is probably true, especially him being a joke backstage. Even if he is a hard worker people will hold a number of things against Miz from his stature, pretty boy look, and the obvious being his reality tv background
  13. Cena also thinks Zach Ryder is an up and coming superstar
  14. He's proved himself to everyone. He is actually a great superstar, not saying this because I'm a fan of The Miz but because he is actually awesome. He's entertaining.
  15. He's proven himself to Vince, and some fans. I don't think he has the respect of the locker room tbh
  16. I think he would tbh. He's shown his love for the industry with the work he's put in. It could just be an issue with no pleasing all the people all of the time.
  17. He is. I'm sorry no matter how many people hate the thought of hmi being in the main-event with this gimmick, it could happen. If he's over and sells, he's going to be. He's in the top 5 merch sellers ain't he? With Cena, Punk, Rock and Orton. Not bad company.

    As for Miz being hated by the locker-room, I can believe that maybe, some of them find him annoying. Though, this just makes me respect him more.
  18. To be honest, he doesn't need to please anyone. He's in the business because he loves it and wants to wrestle. Not to please everyone.
  19. Punk doesn't seem to like him, HHH didn't show him much respect according to reports, and now Del Rio. I've also heard Ziggler say most people don't like him. I can see both sides of the coin
  20. They hate the people that are doing better than them in the business.
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